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  1. I would not call it experience, but I did indeed do such an upgrade on a Tinkerboard last weekend. They should. Any sorts of hiccups may happen in your environment. I would suggest to: 1. Backup your data: "No backup, no pity." 2. Locate any *.dpkg-dist and *.dpkg-old files on your system and deal with them before doing anything else. 3. Read the Debian upgrade guide very carefully. Follow the references, too, especially those in "4.1. Preparing for the upgrade". 4. Execute just one step at a time, check for errors, do not continue until you are sure the action
  2. Apologies again, I started this thread out of eagerness and curiosity. Not to create confusion. This said, the fans should be relatively quiet once fancontrol kicked in after boot, but that depends very much on your environment. You are right though, Batch 3 fans cannot be shut off (see Wiki). I am not sure whether I understand your second question correctly, are you considering to reverse the fans (and the air flow)? Please don't. As gprovost wrote, the default direction should be the optimum for most use cases. Keeping the HDDs primarily at safe operating temperatures is what really matters
  3. @devman: Good point. And I think you are right. Out of curiosity I have placed another sensor in the case, directly beneath the disks. It is not very precise though, but I thought it might at least give a hint. I have no others at the moment (HomeMatic IP HmIP-STH). @gprovost: Thanks for the clarification on ECC! That is good to know - and also very reassuring. Regarding the delta I think it was a temporary glitch. And yes, I agree that the HDD temps should be the main point. The new numbers are below, and they support your configuration. Come to think of it, I am not s
  4. I see. But does the Armbian Kernel actually make use of it? I am curious, because I know how to check for ECC functionality on arch x86, but unfortunately not on arm. Air Flow: My apologies for being too focused on my own narrow use case. A bit naive and unprofessional an approach, I guess. I really didn't think of units placed in cupboards or other locations where dust and waste heat might cause trouble (mine are in an open 19" rack). You were right, though, the first approach basically corresponded to a reversed fan plate. I have since changed that back to the original posit
  5. 1. Question: How do I check that ECC is really active? 2. Possible Kernel issue: The Debian Buster image's Kernel seems to lack CPU frequency info settings: "cat: /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/cpuinfo_cur_freq: No such file or directory". How can that be fixed? 3. Possible assembly issue: I think the air flow through the case should be reversed. Testing scenario: two units about 0,5 m apart in the same location. One unit assembled as shown in the Wiki, the second one assembled with reverse fan direction. First unit equipped with WD40EFRX-68N32N0 (3 pl