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  1. Update! I figured out the issue. I have Daisy chained 4 USB fans with the provided USB ports and I had left those plugged in while testing. I unplugged them and the sound went away. Then I kind of juggled around the cables and plugged them back in and viola. No more noise! Maybe it was drawing too much power or something. I will use an external power supply for them.
  2. I have a Helios4 Gen 3. Last night it was storming bad and the power was flickering. I decided to unplug all electronics to keep them safe. After the storm has passed I plugged everything back in. I noticed that the Helios4 was making a continuous beep noise. I could even hear it in another room. Basically a very high pitch beeeeeeeep that never stops. I was hoping it would go away but it didn't. Following morning I removed the board from the enclosure to identify if it was the power supply, hard drives, or the board making the noise. I removed everything from the board then just plugged in power, beep is back. I'm assuming there is something bad with it and it's going to fail. I don't believe I can exchange it. I've invested so much money and time into this with 40TB of storage and waiting for the unit to get manufactured and shipped to me. Funny thing is, when it's on it still works as intended and I still can login to OMV, etc. I would appreciate any and all help with trying to diagnose this sound as I believe there is no speaker on the board or moving parts. I also can't sleep with it running next door.