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  1. Hi, thanks for wonderful collection of prepared packages. Works great. I just found some improvements. I wanted to let know, so: Kodi 18.4 with Acceleration I found newer kodi version - 18.4 with acceleration enabled. You can download it here: Only thing is you must manually install ffmpeg package (it's not in dependecies...) Source: Widevine and Flash with Chromium 76 from armbian repository I also found nice way how to get widevine library for latest Chromium browser. It can be extracted from ChromeOS images. I found how to do it here: (Actually I am not sure if script works, I just read from script how to do that and did that manually) This way you can have latest Chromium with widevine working. Do you do not have to use some very old release which can be problematic. You can use this prepared archive which I made for myself:!D0dCGAoJ!k8MEiY0jdu0uyqQI4u4wrS5dEcbJ5G1cTJRY6PeIq5I Just a tip I also noticed that many people are getting into trouble with apt update/upgrade, when their packages get overwritten. But there is nice feature in apt how to solve this. apt-mark hold/unhold is your friend here. You can freeze updates of kodi, chromium and xorg for example with: apt-mark hold kodi kodi-bin chromium-browser xserver-common-rockchip xserver-xorg-core-rockchip But use with caution! This will disable updates for mentioned packages until you will update them manually or do not mark them as upgradable (unhold).
  2. Hi, probably too late. But I was handling same problem (for czech language). I had to setup LC_ALL variable in /etc/default/locale. For some reason XFCE is showing interface based on this value. I did not do any more research, it just worked. My config: cat /etc/default/locale # File generated by update-locale LANG=cs_CZ.UTF-8 LC_MESSAGES=cs_CZ.UTF-8 LANGUAGE=cs_CZ.UTF-8 LC_ALL=cs_CZ.UTF-8