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  1. I completely understand and appreciate everything you all do for this community. There is a large labour of love here. I want to stress that I am not intending to be negative to the project. If anything, I'd like to better understand so that I can make constructive contributions to the community. I guess the part I am hung up on is calling the image "bionic" or "bionic-based" when it is missing specific operational changes for that release. Based off the name and suggested base version, bionic, I would expect or assume that the system changes described in the bionic release notes happened. In my mind, its like regressing from systemd (15.04 Ubuntu Vivid) to init.d (14 Ubuntu Trusty) and calling it still Ubuntu Vivid. Like sure, its still Ubuntu and may use newer Vivid packages but at a release level, it does not match. This is where my confusion comes from. Would this change not cause more issues as it is now an atypical build and searching "ubuntu bionic network configuration" will yield results for programs not installed on the system? With the provided changelog I assumed removing these packages was a mistake as it was not noted. I get that not everyone wants to read crazy long changelogs but noting the removal of existing system packages would help. As there were files associated with netplan, ie. /etc/netplan/01-armbian-default.yaml (or something pretty similar), originally provided with armbian bionic. As far as I was aware this setup worked properly, and I'd like to reimplement them as you have suggested. There are months worth of commits since I last pulled. Does anyone know who would have pushed this commit or when it would have happened? Going through months of commits for a needle in a haystack sounds fun and all but, lets be productive with time.
  2. I was under the impression netplan and network manager could be used in conjunction, that's the design of netplan. I believe that bionic also uses network manager by default as well but netplan is included as it generates the appropriate config files. It also hands these off during the boot process to the network renderer, either network manager or networkd. Do you know when this was removed from the builds? Possibly a commit number? I will likely fork and continue building bionic with the standard package list. I'm also curious if any other base bionic packages were removed from Armbian bionic.
  3. I wanna start out and say I have been using Armbian for a year and it's been great. Thank you. I have built many images over the year and have only noticed the issue recently. I have noticed in the bionic builds for OpiZ+ that some base level packages are missing. The one I noticed was netplan. This is the new standard for bionic. I have not compiled a complete list of missing packages at this time. I had built this image before around 5.0-5.1 kernel release without issue. Netplan was included. Current build at 5.3 RC does not include this package. I suspect that others may be removed. Are these packages missing intentionally for a bionic build?