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    plus90 reacted to Chillman in I tried to run a tiny Minecraft Server on Orange Pi One. Unplayable.   
    I've written a small tutorial (in German but you should understand the commands) and tested it on an Orange Pi PC (Spigot). It was no heavenly joy but at least I would say if you want to play with one or two friends it is possible.
    Alternatively I tried cuberite and I would say it was better and it's not that hard to set up.

    (second post is the newer one)
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    plus90 reacted to markbirss in Terminal console cursor disappeared after apt upgrade   
    I found this fix, credit to youka

    Re: fbcon cursorby youka Â» Fri Mar 27, 2015 10:57 pm
    Anyway, all that aside...There's a nice work-around in the link Holzhaus provided...
    CODE: SELECT ALL infocmp >> terminfo.txt
    sed -i.bak -e 's/?0c/?112c/g' -e 's/?8c/?48;0;64c/g' terminfo.txt
    tic terminfo.txt
    tput cnorm
    Then just re-run "tput cnorm" each time you log in. This should be good enough for now. At least now I can edit text files without being completely lost