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  1. Not sure if either nftables or wireguard are even available for 4.9.y...
  2. Also try different sdcard. Different size/model/class. Some boards are known to be picky about those
  3. You can use armbianmonitor -U to force local output to. Use a paste service of your choice. Like Debian paste.
  4. https://forum.armbian.com/terms Closed due to violation of our terms.
  5. Hi No pre-built image available since it is unmaintained. You can use the build framework to build your own image with Bullseye userspace. Userspace upgrades are neither tested nor supported. You can try but you are on your own if something breaks. Create proper backups first. Good luck.
  6. sha contains the checksum for the image which you can validate locally.
  7. This is related to your question since hw functions are toggled via DTB overlays.
  8. moved to tvboxes since it is assumed the topic is related to such a (unsupported) device.
  9. moved to tvboxes. Armbian neither does officially support those nor does it accept feature requests for such.
  10. Try increasing verbosity in /boot/armbianEnv.txt to 7 so we know what happens after starting kernel on unsuccessful boot.
  11. Best debugging chances you get when hooking up a serial console via USB uart adapter. Also check your wiring. Voltage drop due to bad PSU, connectors and cables can lead into all sort of weird issues.
  12. ATM there are no plannings to make support for RISC-V official.
  13. Should not be anything to be worried about. That just means the kernel module for the mentioned PHY is there but it lacks firmware binary. Though that board does not use that chip anyways AFAIK.
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