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  1. I will try to make a standard Buster image with dev kernel which is currently 5.3.0-rc4 for the neo4 available. If it compiles flawless it will be available in a few hours following the link down below.
  2. Most of these images are headless images, to say without desktop environment. One exception is the "desktop" labeled image for the OPi3 which I provide as special request by a user.
  3. If you did not compile it by yourself yet and/or do not want to you can grab a quite recent 5.3.x image for the OPi Zero and some other models through the link in my signature down below.
  4. Awesome. Looking forward to your commits.
  5. I never dug deeper into this situation as it worked for me nicely out of the box. I just followed the discussion more or less.
  6. I think the "problems" started somewhen around this point: https://github.com/armbian/build/pull/1407
  7. A practical and easy-to-use solution would be grabbing an usb voltage tester. Ideally you plug it into the USB connector of your board to get an idea about the voltage drop across the SBC which is in my eyes more interesting than how much amps the board takes. A multimeter will do it as well of course
  8. There was a - let's say - "controversial" discussed patchset that optimizes the opp table for the H6 SoC and at least in my eyes it turned out that these boards are not really identical. Some even crash with the new table, others (like mines) running decent with it. Their components seem to have quite wide tolerances. A too high voltage for a certain chip could lead to a higher temperature. Check this: https://github.com/armbian/build/pull/1547
  9. I do not think so. The blacklist files will stay anyways and initramfs should also be recreated automatically once you install a new kernel.
  10. You may want to consider buying an OrangePi One. The 512MB configuration is even a tiny bit cheaper than the 512MB OPi Zero, no (useless anyways) wireless onboard, offering HDMI and H3 instead of balls-cut-off-H2+ SoC. It cannot be powered from microUSB though. Barrel plug has to be used.
  11. Thanks for the follow-up. It was a pure guess and I think it makes sense to support the most recent (stable/next) version of Armbian only to avoid talking over and over about may or may not already fixed issues
  12. I think for a simple test if a more recent image fixes the issue the running OS should not matter. Everyone should have spare sd cards for such situations Besides that Armbian has not been abandoned Stretch. Such images can still be built using the build script: https://github.com/armbian/build
  13. Your Armbian is quite old. Have you tried to use a more recent image? This issue may have been fixed in the meantime.
  14. Megi is usually a few days behind since they probably have other things to do . I remember in summer it took a few weeks to catch up with the branches but my guess was they were on vacation which is perfectly fine
  15. Right. Memories coming back from school. Yes, we had fun too. They would not stop playing music on their computers. Seconds later their system stopped responding. I really had no idea why....