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  1. Some simple iptables rules blocking traffic from OUTPUT that is not routed through tun+ should do the trick.
  2. Werner

    Enable spi/i2s on Orange pi one plus

    Just become a supporter
  3. Werner

    Obtaining Chip

    Which boards?
  4. Werner

    h6 computer fast enough to be a notebook?

    H6 has a higher clock speed than H5. Though the Linux mainline support for H5 is way better than for H6.
  5. Werner

    Orangepi 3 h6 allwiner chip

    This is normal when it is the first boot. The filesystem will expand itself over the whole sd card. The bigger the card, the longer this will take. Just be patient. When successful all further boot processes will be faster.
  6. Werner

    Orangepi 3 h6 allwiner chip

    Just to see Armbian is building fine this does not mean it will run properly or even boot
  7. Werner

    Build Armbian as User

    A few month ago someone else already had the idea to create a script that was able to manipulate a complete images with stuff you mentioned as personalization and also provided an early version of this script. Unfortunately I do not remember the name or the script.
  8. Default represents the legacy kernel (often 3.4.113) Next is stable mainline kernel (currently 4.19.x) Dev is development and does not depend on a specific kernel version. It is all WIP, testing, experimental. (Values may vary depending on SBC/vendor) On SBCs it is not possible to compile a generic kernel that basically runs on all devices out there as ARM does not have any methods (like PCI or ISA bus on x86/amd64 architecture) to probe which devices the kernel is actually running on. Therefore the kernel has to know beforehand what the hardware it will run on. So every device needs at least its unique device tree compiled in. Usually the second time you compile the same image it should go way faster if nothing has changed at the config as the build script is using ccache to buffer earlier built code.
  9. Werner

    Build Armbian as User

    Everything is a bit slower when running through virtualization. Depending on the task more or less. It is kind an insurance as the build script messes with the system like stated with loop devices, apt and so on.
  10. Werner

    allwinner h6 ethernet internal error

    May you share your working configuration as PR to armbian-build on Github? H6 is still WIP and I guess the cutback that comes with it (hwaddress) is justifiable ... and it is still development, right?
  11. May you create a (hidden) testing forums for this feature, just to get a look'n'feel for it?
  12. Werner

    Build Armbian as User

    By the way it is recommended to create a building environment encapsulated in a VM and not
  13. I know. Though I do not think that the similarity of what the project is all about is important in this case. All have to deal with development, bug reports, user support and off-topic in a way or another.
  14. Any open source project will do for comparison I guess. The first thing that came into my mind was Filezilla. I took a quick look and they are using forums for support and Trac for issues. I am not sure how this subdivision works out for them as an end-user you may not know if you actually found a bug or just acting stupid or whatever. In comparison we would divide between build-script (issues/support) and the provided pre-built images (issues/support). The next project was LibreOffice. On their help you can choose between asking a question (about a softwares' function and so on), report a bug and report feedback/enhancements. The last two things are handled by Bugzilla, for questions they are utilizing some kind a forum. So basically the same subdivision Filezilla is using and coming up with the same question as above. Of course these are two randomly chosen open source projects and a quick look only.
  15. Looking decent. "Departments" could be the current breakdown of the current Technical support forums. To say Allwinner A20, Allwinner H2 & H3 and so on... This seems to be free of charge as well so we won't lose anything by just giving it a try.