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  1. No, there is no easy way to switch to stable No, there isn't anything bad besides the message about being WIP Yes, you will receive updates.
  2. If the system was running flawless before installing OMV and does not after I suggest to blame them 😄. What armbian-config more or less does only is downloading the omv install script and execute it. https://github.com/armbian/config/blob/eebfc58c140a34d6e28db5ecbc5faba6b8432ca4/debian-software#L559 ff.
  3. Ah okay, so some manual hacking was still needed.
  4. Slightly off-topic but interesting. Quite a while ago I tested a 16:10 monitor with 1920x1200 resolution on the Station P1 I could not get to work with other kernels than legacy 4.4.y. Which branch did you build against? current or edge?
  5. moved to offtopic since neither a board/device Armbian has ever seen nor related to Armbian at all.
  6. IIRC there is some sort of Asus related package within Debian/Ubuntu repository. Maybe that will deal with your issue. Regarding forums I do not see any further content from you. New users are limited in posting for a short period of time. This measure is unfortunately necessary in order to fight spam.
  7. Not sure but I think there were some very recent changes about this pushed to master (?). Maybe check against trunk images? (https://github.com/armbian/build/releases/download/23.02.0-trunk.0191/Armbian_23.02.0-trunk.0191_Orangepi5_jammy_legacy_5.10.110_minimal.img.xz) Regardless, all pre-built downloadable images from Armbian are built using the same build script as it is available on Github. Just with a bunch of - partially undocumented - switches that allow better automation and build distribution in that matter.
  8. No reason. In this particular case however it might been the influence of the BSP. Well there is no warranty that it gets accepted, however if it is well documented and enabled across all configurations so people/maintainer have a chance to test I don't see a reason against.
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