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  1. From what I remember in the early days this should be possible in two ways (at vBulletin was it at least) - Handle Development not as forum but as category - simply by permission fine adjustment
  2. You know that the official support for Debian Jessie ends in June 2020, do you? So I am not sure if it is worth playing around with backports....
  3. I think at this point I can say: Done
  4. I do not know about hdmi as I use all of my boards headless. Though having issues with network connectivity makes things slightly complicated. Anyway. Check your ifconfig if it is properly configured and if not try to assign a free static address of your LAN to the board using /etc/network/interfaces file. You find tons of information and how-tos about this through search engines.
  5. Which address did you use to connect via ssh? Also check if the sshd is running.
  6. Haha. I gave up on running my own mailserver as well and now paying someone a few bucks a month to deal with it . Seriosly these people have to be masochistic or something to keep such services run smoothly....
  7. Mail servers...I hate them. Anyways. It depends on what exactly you want. If you want to have much stuff automatically configured, get a nice webinterface for adding/removing mail boxes, store them in a database, go for ISPconfig or Froxlor (nice automatic configuration script they have btw.) or similar. If you want to send/receive email more on a kind of basic level and do things by hand (you'll learn a lot more this way as an advantage) search for general how-tos for postfix or exim or (for the try-hards) sendmail. And Dovecot for example as IMAP4/POP3 service. Any tutorial that matches the OS which Armbian is built for (either Debian Buster or Ubuntu Bionic) will do.
  8. There are no pre-built images for this available anymore. Though you can still build your own using the build script which is available on Github: https://github.com/armbian/build Take note that the support for this board is EOS.
  9. Btw. when did you identify yourself last time with nickserv @Igor? Just asking as I noticed a message from JackFrost last night:
  10. As stated please retry with a different sd card. Do you have access to a USB-TTL converter? If not pick one up. Very useful for debugging through the serial connectors of many boards out there. Also dirt cheap. Try different power source as well. Voltage from cheaper supplies can break down on load and run the board into an undefined state.
  11. How long did you wait after it stuck at "Starting kernel..." and what is the size of the SD card you used? Did you try a different sd card? Maybe it is broken.
  12. I never used Invision software practically as well. I used to administer phpBB, WBB and vBulletin boards but that was as much other things many years ago and things changed in the meantime. I see your point about the well...strange taste in the mouth by this combination. There are really nice board software thingies out there like phpBB. Though from experience I can tell you they are not designed for larger communities. First they lack in performance, commercial boards are heavily optimized and last but not least are basically ALL boards in the web out there that run on free software under permanent attack of spam bots. Sure commercial ones are as well but quite minor.
  13. Odd. I did IRC stuff many years ago as well but it should not be a big deal to register a channel for a group and therefore gain op status in it... Maybe I find some time to take a look into that.