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  1. If you have money to donate simple increase your subscription We need to make sure to use our funds wisely so the process of tinkering how to so takes quite some time. There will be fundraising campains in the future as soon as we have a solid idea about what we need.
  2. Yup. Sometimes it is necessary to replace a package with another one even inside a branch, Focal for example. Probably less likely with Buster Anyway as long as the package is not insanely big or causing trouble I'll leave it as it is. However you are free to check into the build script and look for the installed packages and do some tests with this package not installed by default if it is even possible from scratch. https://github.com/armbian/build
  3. Writing the support is one side, maintaining the other. I am pretty confident Igor does not want to invest waste on this task. If volunteers jump in to maintain...maybe add it as CSC? Depends on how it grows if at all. However there is also the users that will need to be taken care of. Most likely even more demanding than the usual Armbian user.... Also I don't know what Armbian can do (much) better than for example Ubuntu which already provide server like images as Armbian for SBCs does. Just my personal opinion. I am no developer. These are just my guts feel
  4. Actually I was curios if this Karmbian called project, which claimed to provide support for the RPi4, could actually deliver but they never did. Not sure what this is all about. Tried to adopt a patch for the A64 but this did not work either: https://github.com/armbian/build/pull/2112
  5. It is there for me? Anyway. This community is crazy. Not that we made it through the crowdfunding but we made it through in less than half of the time it was public. This is insane. Not much to say but THANK YOU ALL WHO DONATED!
  6. This means that something went wrong when compiling some part of the kernel. Checkout the code { font-family: Consolas,"courier new"; color: crimson; background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.2); padding: 2px; font-size: 105%; } output/debug/ folder. There you will find all recorded errors in detail.
  7. We are aware of the situation. In fact in first place Xulong literally tried to steal the build script by removing almost any copyright mark as well as search'n'replace Armbian with Orangepi. They kind a fixed it after complaining though: https://github.com/orangepi-xunlong/orangepi-build On the bottom line it is a fork of Armbian where they integrated (or at least tried somehow) support for the Zero2. I was quite pissed off this and let them know
  8. From what I got in the logs its rk322x-current. However this branch is on 5.9. So either some modifications to the build script or a checkout a older commit. Edit: 5.9 builds nicely for me btw. A few patches fail to apply though. Probably never reviewed them for a while.
  9. This might be a stupid question but did you insert a suitable prepared sd card? into the board?
  10. Yes. Only images from the download page itself receive support.