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  1. Try using another sd card and start with a fresh image try using another power supply Make sure to use 115200 as baud rate.
  2. Put this to userpatches when building dev https://github.com/armbian/build/blob/master/patch/kernel/sunxi-current/xxx-sun50i-h6-enable-higher-clock.patch
  3. It can. At current at least. Simply chance the max at /etc/default/cpufrequtils to 1810000
  4. OrangePi One Plus confirmed as well. Did not test much though. Boots, HDMI works, DE without Panfrost works. Ethernet works...well, that's pretty much it what I have tested
  5. You could provide a PR to push your changes
  6. What I have noticed so far is that USBimager does not hide non-sdcard devices and there is also nothing kind a confirmation button. Sure if you know what you are doing this is not an issue but I am thinking about new and unexperienced users as well as the situation we all come across from time to to being tired and hittin' the wrong button. I did not try this but can this accidently kill your secondary ssd for example?
  7. Armbian changed his release model and versioning not long ago and I guess what you experience are some side effects while upgrading.
  8. Not yet. However I answered to the already existing issue report from @NicoD at https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/panfrost/linux/-/issues/2
  9. At least I know this way that the drivers built from source (Freedesktop.org) have been installed properly even though they do not work either....
  10. Seems also be the same issue on 5.6. As soon as you log in and start doing stuff it freezes the board [ +33,408356] panfrost 1800000.gpu: gpu sched timeout, js=0, config=0x3700, status=0x8, head=0x3d07800, tail=0x3d07800, sched_job=000000001ec47767 [Apr 7 16:54] panfrost 1800000.gpu: gpu sched timeout, js=1, config=0x3700, status=0x8, head=0x4993680, tail=0x4997c80, sched_job=00000000f643e8d9
  11. TBH if you are already confused by that maybe you should start a little smaller The script you show above seems to be made for 32bit arm processors and the problem starts right there since the RK3399 is a 64bit arm processor and doing stuff like compat is not so easy task like it is on intel architecture.
  12. I do not know. From the logs it does not look like it detected anything at all.... /OT: You should not expect very high speed from this MSATA anyways since this board just connects it through USB2 which will limit the throughput to the well known 480Mbit/s.