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  1. I am trying to host an web application (Python Django based) and i am using GPIO pins (library: OPi.GPIO==0.6.3). I got the permission error in "sys/class/gpio/* " and when i give manually permission to several files (location=sys/class/gpio/*) but the issue remains the same . Device :OrangePi Zero OS : Ubuntu Bionic with Armbian Linux 4.19.62-sunxi
  2. what would you suggest me to follow documents regarding the solution for this error. if you correct me in right direction . Thanks in advance .
  3. "Permission denied : /sys/class/gpio/gpio10/direction" i tried all the online solution given in forum and Opi.GPIO Documentation but the error remains the same . OPi.GPIO Documentation ( for non root access the error remains the same how could i able to give permission to "sys/class/gpio/" location in non root access Please anyone reply