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  1. @ManoftheSea Indeed it is and I am not sure why it was published in that state. I am calling the jumper setting "1-2" 1 and the jumper setting "2-3" 0. This is because I measured the jumpers with the multimeter and could measure a signal when setting the jumpers to 1-2. The labeling I am using is exactly inverted to the one from the table. 1, 0, 0 (meaning J11=1-2, J3=2-3, J10=2-3) for serial NOR, I actually will set them to 0,0,1 (meaning J11=2-3, J3=2-3, J10=1-2). As if exchanging J11 with J10. I tested it with booting from NOR and booting from UART.
  2. @ManoftheSea Yes, as mentioned in my previous post, I came to the same conclusion. It seems that v5 cannot do it, but v7 can. I have already bought the v7 and now I am trying to get it to download the bootloader from from SD card. So far no luck. Also you are correct, my links are not applicable to the problem. However, I have no better links. I am unable to find any link with a description of how to download the bootoader from SD card, be it with espressobin v5 or with v7. The depictions and tables from the link you posted ( also seems to be weird. If you look at the table for v7, all the boot modes (other than NOR) seem to have the same jumper setting. This cannot be correct. Also the order of jumpers for v7 is wrong in the table. The order on the real board is J3, J11, J10, which is quite irritating when using the table to check your settings. This goes further, the depictions and tables for the v5 are flat out wrong. The table says that "NOR boot" is J11=1, J3=0, J10=0, but to get it to boot from NOR flash I actually have to sett it to J11=0, J3=0, J10=1. This sucks and took some time to figure out. Long story short: I cannot find any source with a description of how to download the bootloader from SD card with espressobin v7. Maybe I should open a new thread for that.
  3. @ManoftheSea Again, thanks for the reply. I am sorry for being unclear. The console output I included in my first post, was meant as an example for when I am booting from NOR flash. I just wanted to show that it is working fine when booting from NOR flash. I do not think that it is necessary to have a bootloader on the board itself. Check the UART recovery, I think it is similar there. The board will download the bootloader via UART, copy it into RAM and run it from there. I want to do the same thing, but download it from SD card. Where can I read about this FAT-formatted USB drive? When looking here or here, it is always formatted with EXT4.
  4. HI everybody, thanks for the replies. @ManoftheSea You assume that there is already U-Boot running on my board. I do not make this assumption. I want it to load the complete bootloader (U-Boot) from a SD card and run it, without any bootloader on the board itself. @umiddelb No, I do not want to start Linux from SD card. I can start a Linux from anywhere, I know that. I want the board to load U-Boot from SD card. I did that with other projects, but it does not seem possible with the espressobin v5. I think the hardware does not allow it unfortunately. If I am wrong, please correct me.
  5. Hi again, I think I answered my own question. The answer seems to be that it is not possible to load U-Boot from SD card, according to this post: If this is correct, some verification would be appreciated and then this answer is solved. If it is not correct, please help Best regards, André
  6. Hi, how did you set up/format your SD card? How exactly did you copy the U-Boot binary on it to make it work? I am struggling with a similar problem, using the Espressobin v5. Also where exactly did you find that image you mentioned (espressobin-emmcloader-cpu-1000-ddr4-2cs-1g-atf-g39a62a1-uboot-g14aeedc-20180601-REL.bin)? I cannot find it. Best regards, Andre
  7. Hi everybody, I have an Espressobin v5 in front of me and by default it boots fine from SATA: Now I need it to load the bootloader (U-Boot) from SD card. However, I can't seem to get it working. What I have tried so far: 1. Set the jumper on the board (J11,J3,J10) to "eMMC download mode" as well as "eMMC alternate download mode". 2. Get a SD card connected to my Linux host. Empty it with "dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdg bs=1M count=100". 3. Then I tried to get the U-Boot on the SD card, but I am not exactly sure about the proper way. I tried two different things: 3.a. I just copied it raw onto the SD card with "dd if=/home/amue/Downloads/flash-image-ddr3-1g-2cs-1000_800.bin of=/dev/sdg". 3.b. I created an ext4 partition and then copied the U-Boot binary onto the partition. I have no success with both of those tries. All I see when booting is a minimal console environment: As I said, I am not sure about the proper way for loading U-Boot from the SD card, since I can't seem to find the correct documentation for it. I would appreciate any help with this, as I am sure that quite a few people have already done this. Best regards, Andre