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  1. Fair enough. It depends on how I configure the routing, to be sure. This is going to be much more capable than a raspberry PI in a like configuration which was the other likely candidate. While I could configure a PI4 as a single-armed router, the EB design provides for more direct routing configuration.
  2. Greetings. I've been working to bring-up a V7 espressobin. The boot-up issues, widely reported, affected me and I have installed the 600/600 version of uboot which seems to make the system boot reliably. I'm wondering what is known about this issue. Do we have a root cause of the startup issues? For example, is this hardware like a drooping power supply, or perhaps sloppy routing of the DDR lines affecting timing. Or do we think we're seeing a specific u-boot issue? I'd be glad to tinker with uboot to see exactly where the boot-up is failing. So, to this end. My first question is where can we find the sources and patches to uboot. Searching hasn't turned up anything other than the download links for pre-built binaries. The second question is less clear. I've seen quite a few messages that imply that GlobalScale has a poor track record with building reliable hardware. The specs on this board with 3xGigabit ethernet and a cost under $100 is hard to match. To me, the lower clock speed isn't of particular concern as long as it can saturate the ethernet links. But, if there is a concrete reason to suspect the hardware, well, this is the time to reconsider. Any help will be appreciated.