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  1. One more question . What version of Debian is the Armbian Buster based on?
  2. Thanks to everyone. I figured it out myself.
  3. Armbian is already installed in eMMC, so I'm trying to figure out which button on the keyboard stops U-Boot and at what point, because I can’t do it at all.
  4. stop booting from UART console Is it to press some key on the keyboard or close TP50265 and GND?
  5. So how to boot from a flash drive after installing Armbian in eMMC. If possible in detail, step by step. Sorry inexperienced user.
  6. "once you have Armbian booting from eMMC, you can boot SD card in more simple manner: stop booting from UART console and execute those commands: setenv devnum 1 followed by run mmc_boot" Good day to all. A question also to experts. And you can explain everything in more detail, in steps, for beginners. How to stop which keys to press, something I can’t do in any way.
  7. Thanks for the quick response
  8. Good day to all. Question to experts. How to change the resolution of the HDMI output in Armbian. Which file to make changes to: boot.cmd or armbianEnv.txt? If you can a couple of specific examples.