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  1. Thanks @gprovost for youre reply. Ok, i will stick to all time spinning fans. Maybe i find some less nosy fans
  2. Hello everyone, I am still confused and a bit annoyed by the kit fan's. I got the type "a" fans wich are not able to completely stop. My Helios is most of the time inactive, like the most i guess I want to replace them by better fans, but this seems not as easy as i expected. First, its hard to find 70mm pwm fans. Second, its almost impossible to get infos about the few fans on the market. How do i know if a pwm fan can actually stop? Can anyone recommend a fan? I found this one on ebay (klick here), would these help? I do not mind the noise when the Helios is active, but i believe it should be silent if its inactive and the hard drives are spun down. Thanks in advance Jeckyll
  3. Hello, no i dont think so, i know the sound of "fan eat cable" its more something vibrating. However, yesterday i put a piece of silicon under the Helios, since then everything is fine. The fans are spinning in an expected noise-level. I still guess the case is not tight enough and starts vibrating. My Helios stands on a wooden floor, maybe its not a good combination. Independently from my experience, maybe you could add a silicon ring for the HDD screws between HDD and case in the next Batch. Thanks for your support, im fine and happy now
  4. Hey, thanks for your answer. @gprovost i checked fancontrol, everything is exactly like the Wiki says. @Bramani thanks a lot for the script. Now i have to learn what your are saying about the bashrc I dont know Linux very well. You droped the word "ich" some posts earlier, so i guess we share the same environment I dont want to reverse the fans, i thought about exchange them. But, today the Helios was extremely loud. I checked and touched it (i have to crouch under the table in the last corner of the room) and the noise stopped. Now i assume i have two "problems". 1. the plate where the fans are attached to are not tight enough and starts to vibrating or something like that, maybe i can fix that with a piece of paper. 2. the fans spin to fast. i will check this with the script from Bramani the next days. And again, thanks a lot
  5. Hello, i am a bit confused about the fans and the RPM. My Helios4 Batch3 is pretty loud. I would like to check the RPM of the fans and the status of the HDUs. How do i get such a nice overview like @Bramani? i red, the fan in Batch3 can not be shut off, should/could i switch the fans? Thanks in advance, Jeckyll