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  1. I would appreciate if you share how to patch mainline kernel for HEVC support and how to make mpv use hardware decoding. I have some experience compiling Linux kernel on desktop, and I know how to compile ffmpeg and mpv. But I do not know what patches I need for the kernel and ffmpeg/mpv, and I'm not sure what options I need to provide to mpv to make it actually work with hardware decoding on Orange Pi Lite. Currently there is little information about this. For me 3.4 kernel does not work at all (produces black screen with my HDMI display). Armbian with 5.3 worked, except I cannot figure out how to get hardware video decoding (I think 5.3 has some support for H.264 but I could not figure out how to use it, and I prefer to use H.265 if possible). Some information about my project. I have Orange Pi Lite with 512MB RAM. I know it is not much but if I could make it playback high resolution videos it would be great (even if it would be bare X with mpv and nothing else). In my case I do not really need full 4K. I need this for FPV project so my video stream will not have more than 1 reference frame to keep latency low. I tested my camera at 1FPS and measured 1 frame decoding delay with HEVC and 0 frame delay with MJPEG (I tested MJPEG to make sure I can make mpv not to buffer frames unless really necessary for decoding, since MJPEG by definition does not require previous frames to decode; I have used --profile=low-latency --untimed options to get low latency). I plan to use 2560x1440 HDMI 5.5 inch display and I will receive it in next few weeks (for now for testing I use 1920x1080 display). My camera produces 4:3 5MP HEVC video stream with 2592x1944 resolution at 30FPS. I tried to calculate my memory requirements based on your example: 14 MiB 2560x1440 XRGB buffer 5.27 MiB of CMA memory per single frame 2592x1944 Additional 5.27 MiB of CMA memory for up to 1 reference frame 2.4MiB for "scratch buffer" 1MiB some other scratch buffers I do not know how much CMA memory is needed for providing encoded data to VPU but 20MiB sounds like reasonable amount Total is about 50MiB. So my project sounds something like Orange Pi Lite could handle if I could get hardware decoding working. I would be grateful for any help or clues how to achieve that.
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