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  1. Spoke too soon. Was having issue with static MAC because I had assigned static DHCP mapping in my firewall. Removed the mapping from the firewall and armbian has no trouble keeping the same mac and ip.
  2. Anyone have a fix for this? I'm on 4.4.192-rk3399 and the mac keeps changing. With armbian-config I can assign static ip and it stays with reboot, but mac still changes which is causing problem my dhcp server. It loses connection when it tries to renew even though eth0 still show the right ip. Restart networkmanager doesn't seem to be doing anything, I'd have to reboot to bring up the connection. EDIT: this does the trick to get a fixed mac. # find connection name nmcli con show # for example, name is armbian sudo nmcli con modify armbian 802-3-ethernet.cloned-mac-address $MAC Hopfully that won't kill my connection anymore.
  3. cowbe0x004

    NanoPI M4

    I lied, xpg sx6000 works just fine with armbian. Does anyone know how to boot out of the nvme drive? I still have to leave the sdcard plugged in after running armbian-config to boot from nvme.
  4. cowbe0x004

    NanoPI M4

    The nvme adapter does not work with xpg sx6000 lite nvme and sk hynix sata drives. Looks like the adapter or the kernel is picky on which drive it can recognize.
  5. oops I meant booting from nvme using the adapter here https://www.friendlyarm.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=262.
  6. Did you figure it out? Can armbian boot from SSD also?
  7. cowbe0x004

    NanoPI M4

    For some reason I'm not having the same experience. Tried different images, only one that doesn't lag in youtube is FriendlyDesktop, but once I run apt upgrade to the latest version, it doesn't handle it anymore. With friendlycore + mate, I installed chrome and looked chrome://gpu, I don't see hardware accelerated. Do you know what else I need to do? Sorry I know this doesn't concern armbian, but was kind of wondering if anyone know what else needs to be done to be able to play youtube at least for 1080p.
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