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  1. Yeah, I've used it quite a lot in other systems before, unless the die has cracked over time I'm inclined to think it's ok. Though since I made this post it seems to be working as normal. Strange. So maybe this can be marked as fixed for now. Don't really know what fixed it.
  2. Board ran fine when I did initial setup outside the case with no disks or fans connected, was able to SSH in fine. After assembling the case and plugging in all the disks and OLED display the board will only boot whilst the serial console is connected. Without it dumps to the initramfs prompt. Once booted the board runs fine, until I disconnect the serial console cable then anything running from memory is fine, but any access to the linux system on the SD card throws IO errors. On replugging the serial console cable I see more SD read/write errors. Regards, Martin
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