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  1. Hi, First of all i'm NOT a software developer and i have NO one skill on this kind of board's hardware... I've a good soldering skill, so just for fun i've bought a new RAM module for my OrangePi Zero Board... I've bought a K4B4G1646E-BYMA RAM module and then i've replace the onboard module... All of the work gone fine, the OrangePi Zero still boot and work perfectly, but i was hoping to upgrade the RAM on the board... After the boot, in the welcome screen the, the RAM amount is now 512MB (494MB) and before was 256MB... The RAM amount is now increased, but not like expected... I've choose the K4B4G1646E RAM module because, theoretically, it was a 4GB RAM module... What's was wrong? I cannot upgrade the memory in this way? Have i to edit something in the FEX file? Thanks in advance, Luca Ps. my OrangePi Zero come without an inductor, that's why you see an horrible inductor in my board
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