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  1. I've checked a few places, and noticed that the NanoPi NEO2 has had an upgrade to its CPU voltage regulator that does not seem to be reflected anywhere; the sunxi-linux wiki still reports that the regulator can provide only 1.1V, and I see no evidence of a regulator for the CPU in the device tree in the master mainline kernel branch. On the NEO2 V1.1, the CPU voltage regulator has been updated to provide GPIO-based voltage regulation, giving a selection of 1.1V (the same as the original board) or 1.3V (this setting is new). I'm quite new to kernel/device tree modifications, so I was wondering if anyone else was aware of this, and, if nobody is willing to incorporate it themselves, how I would go about adding support for the selectable voltage so that the board can be clocked higher than ~850MHz (according to sunxi-linux wiki).
  2. I can confirm this with a 5.3.1 mainline kernel, and success with the given workaround. (I'm not using Armbian, but in this case it does not matter.)