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  2. I noticed the same regressions (low samba speed and lack of fan control) with 5.4.28, so I went back to my trusty 4.14.133. Moving data from one USB-drive to another - both connected to the XU4 with 5.4.28 - was almost as slow as samba, 40'ish MB/s. However, reliability with 5.4.28 was fine even when moving huge amounts of data - albeit slowly...
  3. A few days in with 5.4.28 on odroid XU4, only serving light NAS, DLNA and torrenting tasks - fine so far.
  4. I'm new here, so please bear with me! I run an Odroid XU4 with Armbian stretch default. Recently I did a normal apt update and upgrade to kernel/dtb/headers version 5.97 (from 5.91), along with all other possible upgrades. This made the system very unstable- it had an uptime of nearly 3 months with 5.91 (all time high for the board) before the reboot, and after the upgrade it lasted a couple of hours before stalling/crashing. A downgrade to kernel/dtb/headers v 5.95 helped somewhat, but it crashed after a week or so - it may just be of those "it just happens". I went ahead and installed 5.91 and it is stable so far a few days in. The board is a bit throttled (roof at 90 % of max frequencies) and is a XU4Q with an attached Noctua NF A4-20 5V controlled by the on board controller. It runs Seti@HOME on two cores 60% of the time and handles Transmission and Samba as a NAS (two external USB drives with their own PSU:s). Mean CPU-temp is just below 60C with fan running at 47% (PWM value 120). I use eMMC as a boot device. Nothing in the configuration was changed between the software version changes. At this time I'm good with running 5.91 - just wanted to let you know to offer data points debugging purposes. If you need to know something more - let me know! If I should do something different - let me know as well.