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  1. Hey, thank you for a great writeup! One question, MPD related - if you set mixer_type to software, you end up with three volume levels - one ALSA, one MPD and one for the headset. Any way to "sync" these?
  2. Edit /etc/systemd/journald.conf I set mine to: SystemMaxUse=32M SystemKeepFree=8M SystemMaxFileSize=2M Probably not optimal values, but gives you a starting point to tweak from.
  3. Updating from 19.11.4 to 19.11.5 via apt gave the "mount: /boot: wrong fs type" error and left the new kernel files on the ROOT_EMMC in /boot instead of on BOOT_EMMC. Not terribly difficult to fix by hand, but still probably not as intended. Sound is indeed back in rc6 (s912) !
  4. @hexdump - yeah, i guess i was blinded by the 128GB flash and forgot to check the rest of the specs. Oh well, regardless of outcome, i thank you for your assistance!
  5. @hexdump - figured about the script, it was just the only thing i hadn't tried. I did indeed dd u-boot-allwinner-h6-tx6.img to the stick (there was no separate image for USB boot like there is for Amlogic) and tried both USB ports - no luck with either. The 128GB model has no SD slot, so i cannot try that. Anything i can try from a prompt, or should i just write it off as worst buy of 2019?
  6. Uh, let's hope it doesn't come to that. While preparing, i took the box apart, and here is what i can find: RAM is 8x512MB Micron D9PQL (same as half the Eachlink H6 Mini <1.2 boards use) Ethernet is Pulse H1102NL Wifi is SM6335 Something called THGBMHT looks like the 128GB flash memory, most likely made by Kioxia (A while later) USB media is prepared, but obviously the box won't just boot it by itself, and aml_autoscript won't install through the updater. Any ideas how i get past this step?
  7. Which one do you suggest - 20191222 from the Allwinner folder or 20191228 from the RK_AML_AW folder? Also, should i grab a dtb or anything else from the box before starting, and if so, how do i do that?
  8. Armbian_19.11.4_Arm-64_buster_current_5.4.1_20191228.img on KM8 P Boots fine, installs to eMMC fine, two issues: 1) No HDMI sound (haven't tried analog) and no pulseaudio to delete. Running the script does nothing. speaker-test runs but no sound, and it cannot see AMLGX or AMLG12 as device names. 2) The BOOT partition is extremely crammed for space - there is no room for update-initramfs to create a backup copy. On another note: I made the grave mistake of buying the H96 Mini H6 which is (as you can guess) Allwinner H6 based. If there is anything Armbian wise i can test on it, let me know.
  9. Can anyone with 5.98 and HDMI audio please do this: "speaker-test -c 2" On both my x96 mini and KM8P the channels are reversed. Please tell me its not my head, haha.
  10. Should be said that after a conversation with @KY69 it is most likely the fault of an SELinux policy on the official firmware of the x96 mini when running the updater, and not to blame on the image Oleg provided. Thank you to both of you!
  11. t23


  12. Imaged it, installed it, and everything supposed to be owned by root was owned by UID 1023. Took a while to clean that mess up, but it runs mighty fine on my x96 Mini now.
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