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  1. @Igor Thanks for reply. To make it clear - my loss of patience doesn't state that you're doing bad job. The thing that drives me nuts is that it hangs and I'm not able to find out why. I've read your reply and some things I'd like to note: 1) I have Opi One Plus, but not Opi 3(I know it's the same H6, but anyway) 2) I wasn't able to find any mention of kernel panic in the logs. It just hangs. And my assumption that it hangs cause of unintended reboot occur. When I power it off and on manually it works good. So you're saying that your devices work stable, where I have the issue from the time I've received the device(that was almost 2 months ago). So if there is any debug/log info that I may provide to make it being fixed - I'm ready to help.
  2. I have a board of Orange Pi One Plus with installed pihole ( Armbian image is Armbian Buster with latest updates. PRETTY_NAME="Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)" Each 2-4 hours the device hangs and not able to respond to any command until I reboot it. The max uptime that I was able to gain was ~25 hours. I've changed power adapters, powered it via microUSB - same result. Looking at the logs I really have no clue why it stucks. Attaching debug, kern and syslog. Probably someone may pinpoint what's going on. P.S. Previous OPi One (not Plus) worked for that purpose like a charm. Didn't know that bying Opi One+ for upgrade will buy me loosing my patience also) syslogkern.logdebug
  3. This is really ridiculous. I've made all the recommendations from the 2nd message - it still hung. So I've re-installed the system (was Bionic, now Buster). And it still deadly hangs. In addition to this Buster version queries ntp servers really often 3K queries per day (x4) to 0/1/2/ But when I query timedatectl service, it says that ntp service is inactive... Have no ideas where it stems from: corrupted distributive, buggy SD card(despite it's a Sony UHS-I card), bad microcomputer.
  4. I've set ENABLED=false in /etc/default/armbian-ramlog - still it has the issue. Seems like I'm near to re-install my system in the weekend. P.S. That statement that I've said that system still shows info via HDMI - is wrong. It's actually stale and displays latest "picture" that it had before hang(if I leave HDMI connected) or no signal (if I connect HDMI after it hangs). UPDATE: So, I've took a look at syslog once again and I believe it's still an issue with moving log files. Seems like here is more familiar issue for my case: In my case it's: Oct 10 21:48:20 localhost kernel: [ 0.000000] Booting Linux on physical CPU 0x0000000000 [0x410fd034] and then system reboots... (but at 21:48 I even wasn't at home). I re-call I've had an issue after upgrade where lighttpd was not starting after upgrade, as it haven't created a folder in var/log, so I had to manually create it and then my pihole started(and lighttpd as well). However, not sure that re-install of the system would help it...The only option I see is to re-install and not upgrade. syslog
  5. Thanks for suggestion, Dysmas. Now it hang w/o reboot... or rebooted and hang during load. (when looking via HDMI - it prompted to enter root user, but cursor was not blinking and I was not able to SSH to the system). The file is attached. The issue happened somwhere before Oct 9 1:38-39. At 1:40 I've already physically rebooted the device. syslog
  6. Dysmas, thanks for your reply. Not sure if would help... but here is output root@orangepioneplus:~# sudo systemctl status armbian-ramlog.service * armbian-ramlog.service - Armbian memory supported logging Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/armbian-ramlog.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled) Active: active (exited) since Mon 2019-10-07 19:23:33 +03; 3h 26min ago Process: 711 ExecStart=/usr/lib/armbian/armbian-ramlog start (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS) Main PID: 711 (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS) Oct 07 19:23:32 orangepioneplus armbian-ramlog[711]: lighttpd/access.log Oct 07 19:23:32 orangepioneplus armbian-ramlog[711]: lighttpd/error.log Oct 07 19:23:32 orangepioneplus armbian-ramlog[711]: ntpstats/ Oct 07 19:23:32 orangepioneplus armbian-ramlog[711]: pihole/ Oct 07 19:23:32 orangepioneplus armbian-ramlog[711]: sysstat/ Oct 07 19:23:32 orangepioneplus armbian-ramlog[711]: unattended-upgrades/ Oct 07 19:23:32 orangepioneplus armbian-ramlog[711]: unattended-upgrades/unattended-upgrades-shutdow Oct 07 19:23:32 orangepioneplus armbian-ramlog[711]: sent 2,809,265 bytes received 473 bytes 5,619 Oct 07 19:23:32 orangepioneplus armbian-ramlog[711]: total size is 2,806,659 speedup is 1.00 Oct 07 19:23:33 orangepioneplus systemd[1]: Started Armbian memory supported logging. I can't provide an ouput when it fails to start as the issue happens during device boot, and it's not responsive until I do a power reset.
  7. This issue really hurts. The thing is that I'm using Orange Pi One Plus with Armbian Bionic (mainline based kernel 5.1.y) with all latest updates. I know it's in Testing mode currently, but anyway. I'm using Orange Pi with PiHole installed to filter ads in my home network. At times it reboots(why it reboots it's a separate topic), it start moving the files into persistant storage and with probability 20-50% fails to start. The flow is: Starting Armbian memory supported logging... Then it tries to move logs to a storage for 4.5 min and fails with: [FAILED] Failed to start Armbian memory supported logging. See 'systemctl status armbian-ramlog.service' for details. And then stuck for 3 more minutes resulting into: [FAILED] Failed to start Flush Journal to Persistant Storage. See 'systemctl status systemd-journal-flush.service' for details. Starting Create Volatile Files and Directories. And at this point it deadly stucks leaving my devices in the network w/o network access. I've tried all the hints provided above by Dysmas except modifying logrotate.service (was not able to find it). TBH, having all these optimizations for the SD life is good, but it's not smth I'd like to have where system dies during its start. I've bought Opi One Plus in honor to change my Opi One that served same functionality of blocking ads via PiHole. The latter one (Opi One) was working for months w/o having any issue from stability stand point. Opi One Plus now stucks each each 2-4 hours disconnecting me from the internet.