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  1. This apparently started on Dec 26th for ALL OMV5 installs. The fix is the following: omv-salt deploy run nginx omv-salt deploy run phpfpm
  2. I've just downloaded the latest Armbian Buster image with kernel 5. I have installed OMV via the Softy solution as well as manually via which has worked previously. After the install the we bserver loads the default Nginx page, however after a reboot nothing works. Any thoughts? I'm about to try kernel 4 The same thing happens on Kernel 4. I'm wondering if there was an OMV update that broke the install...
  3. Is there any update to when the official release will be available? Thanks!
  4. thanks for the video, very informative. I also didn't know there was a working LE image, very happy to have this as well.
  5. when this board is finally supported, hopefully soon :), will back port version like Bionic and Stretch be available?? I have the SATA hat and am looking to build an OMV NAS device, however Buster isn't supported yet...
  6. I didnt configure anything specific, I was unaware of the dtb config changes. either way, I still cant SSH or get video...I can ping it, that's about it.
  7. I dont have a RockPi4, but I have run the 5.98 NEXT (debian w/o desktop) version on my M4v2. It connects to the network, but there's no SSH running. There is also no video via HDMI. No SSH + no video = useless...
  8. I too have an M4v2 and would like to install OMV on Armbian. Let me know if I can be of any help.