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  1. Hi Igor, It seems that i didn't pointed out clearly what I am heading for. Sorry about that in the first Post i added: I already managed to build an running image. This Thread is about the Documentation. So I am willing to update the unclear points in the docs if my English is not too bad. I just need a tipp from someone who knows how vagrant/virtualbox building was intended to work, because i have no clue how this virtualisation stuff work in detail and what could mess up what ! for me version a) just worked find and i got a good running root-encrypted image. I just wonder if there are some cons to a) and some good pros for b)
  2. @Igor This is OT but here is my point to your answer: Not really. Building for stretch (I didn't tested bionic) still works. CRYPTROOT_ENABLE Developer zhiverbox stated So, buster didn't worked from the beginning i guess. this Thread : is about getting buster to work. To my "I have to use vagrant" problem: Building "crypted-root"-images is not supported in docker. (see Quote above). And here is a (quiet old) statement from zhiverbox not to build natively. I learnt the hard way that building natively or in docker still does not work But anyway. Back to the topic: I'd love to hear form someone what would be the right approach to build inside vagrant/virtualbox.
  3. Hello Igor, thank you for the quick reply. I had to use vagrant to build an "encrypted root"-image. It didn't worked in docker or native build environment. Same to me, i never used it before , neither do i have any clue how this virtualization stuff works I'd love to help out with that. But i got two "but" 1. : I am not sure if my English is good enough for this task. 2. : It is not clear to me if the intended way to use the vagrant/virtualbox method was: a) to git clone everything into it and build entirely inside OR b) to use the build-system which got "mirrored" from the outside into the /vagrant folder. I suppose version a) is the right one. Could somebody point me to the right direction ? Greetings, Michael
  4. Hello, I am new to armbian and it building environment. I had to start from ground and stumbled across some unclear / wrong point in the documentation. [EDIT: I already managed to build an running image. This Thread is about the documentation] So i just want to point them out, not to harm anybody, just to tell what happened to me. Perhaps all of it is just because i didn't followed the documentation correctly. If that's the case i like to apologize for disturbing. 1. suggestst to do: > vagrant plugin install vagrant-disksize The problem is, that nothing is done with it, so i ran into building errors because of to little disksize inside vagrant. I managed to cincumvent this by adding config.disksize.size = '50GB' into the Vagrantfile , just the line before the line > END Question: I am not sure if this is way to much. My HDD runs out of space pretty fast, so it would be nice to get some proper suggestions for this value. 2. says: > When you read the Vagrantfile you’ll see that Vagrant will mount local output and userpatches directories. This is untrue ! There is nothing like this in the Vagrantfile by just following the above steps. 3. says: > # We have to be in the same directory as the Vagrant file. > cd build > > # And now we simply let vagrant create our box and bring it up. > vagrant up This does not work. I had to put an > vagrant init ubuntu/bionic64 in between this two lines to work properly. The Vagrantfile can't be in the "build"-folder following the docuemtation. 4. says: > # Let's get building! > cd armbian > sudo ./ Unfortunately there is not "armbian"-folder. I could do an $ cd /vagrant sudo ./ to get into the host based "build"-folder. But i wasn't sure if that was what was intended, so i ended up doing a fresh "git clone" of the armbian build system and just copying the "output/images" folder to "/vagrant" to get the desired files back to the host. Question: I am not sure what was suggested to do here? Question: Is the documentation kinda out of date , or is just the line > vagrant box add ubuntu/bionic64 from pointing to the wrong box ? What just ended up in all this trouble ? Greetings Michael