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  1. After that I tried "make" command as shown & get this error i dont know why
  2. Yes this result after Yes this result after updating headers
  3. Ok thanks but i want to know what is that mean specifically
  4. What is that mean Is a directory??
  5. yes, like a mouse, keyboard it works, by the way when I use lsusb the wifi dongle show up but it didn't show the available network .
  6. I tried to configure it with nmtui but it didn't work
  7. I want to play os on the computer no on the external screen ,yes i want to connect on a vnc-server on the OPI One the only way for that is connect the rj45 to the laptop & configure it to make a static IP for opi1 & connect it to "putty" then I can connect with vnc server
  8. how to make orange pi one connect to the internet by rj45 cable with using vnc viewer?
  9. when I tried this dongle with windows its works correctly but I don't know why it's not work here.
  10. im using Orange pi one & yes im using armbian Buster 4.19 my power supply is good so what is the problem??? i cant reach to the internet until now i dont konw if i should configure the wifi usb dongle or not
  11. I use mt7601u USB wifi dongle and I think it is compatible with my board am I right?
  12. unfortunately, it didn't work I applied the first step, it's show me nothing but when I applied second way it's lagging after that show me these windows
  13. Hi how can i access to internet using OPI 1 ??? i tried to drive a wifi dongle but i didnt work then i decid to connect with lan by creating a bridge but it didnt work too ... any help???