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  1. Hi I think you have the wrong dtb file. Your Box have the S905X3 chip. For this chip you need sm1 dtb file. like "meson-sm1-sei610" or other file with "sm1" gxbb = S905 gxl= S905x gxm=S912 g12a= S905x2 g12b=S922 sm1=S905x3
  2. Ok, I solved the problem!! Only on Android 9: when the „Aml_autoscript.zip“ ist update and the Box restart, press the „Flash button “ 10sec,(on my boxes is the Flash button rear the Audiojack“) then Boot the Box in Armbian from sdcard.
  3. Hi Great thanks Balbes150 for the last 2 years with your Armbian images. I have different S912/S905x2 boxes, and no preblem to start Armbian. But my last Boxes comes with Android 9 and with by update the "aml_autoscript.zip" come this error E : footer is wrong update package verification took 0.0´s (result 1) E : signature verification failed E : error 21 When i downgrade to android 8 i have no problems. But my next buy are S905x3 boxes and here is only Android 9 Can anyone help my? thanks
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