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  1. mhh... but official OPi0+ images are planned, right?
  2. Xer0

    Orange Pi R1

    I really hope they've not mistaken Bits&Bytes (Flash is often stated in Megabits)
  3. There are also some cheap DVB-T2 HD receivers with PVR... Xoro something @OP: I've run the "test mux" back in the days on the Orange Pi One with the myGica T230 The drivers can be auto-backported to 3.4 kernel with media_build, tough i remember having to somehow workaround missing i2c_mux kernel option PQ was so-so.
  4. I've the board here since some weeks, if you need more testers...
  5. Hi t3g, I heard newer DVBSky devices cause some problems. probably yours have not be backported to 3.14 yet But, have you also got and put all firmware files? I've crosscompiled them with Ubuntu 16.04 x64 in VM At the moment, i don't have access to my compiling PC Hope that i can compile and push a newer version in Oct
  6. it's the MT7621, a chip used in routers like the Xiaomi Mini will run OpenWRT even with almost-mainline kernel (4.6) but i doubt it has the power to run a full distro like Armbian
  7. So far, i've a minimized tarball with the compiled drivers that can be installed via make. for the .deb, im still to find out how the install script determines to which subdirs one module belongs. it could be the x of x_y*.ko but nor sure
  8. yes i also got lots of errors in dmesg, something about "already xyz" @arox: then it wont even detect the device id and load drivers for it
  9. i got the driver installed on windows but it shows "no network cable" ifconfig also shows the usb0 not having any ip or transmitted data seems to be less straightforward on anything except a *nix system
  10. i've cross-compiled all possible backported drivers for legacy 3.4.112 kernel could someone who has some usb tuners or video grabbers test it? download and untar http://d-h.st/k4kZ cd there and run sudo make install
  11. So, do you want media_build drivers to be _compiled_ during build process, or just included? media_build is tricky to build reproduceably, as it pulls latest sources from the upstream tree, while beeing quite slow in adapting its supplied backport-patches, which frequently breaks it for example, a new source tar is up since friday, with it fails at apply patches stage but manually wget'ing and untaring the previous one will work normally also, some drivers wont compile for arm even if seemingly supported by the kernel so we would need to "freeze" a working media_build+linux-media combo and fork it somewhere
  12. i've succesfully compiled media_build drivers on/for Orange Pi could share how to circumvent the caveats if someone needs
  13. hi guys, im trying to compile media_build but it says the kernel has no i2c mux support how could i easy compile a new kernel with i2_mux enabled on the orange pi?
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