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  1. I've read this and it surprised me noone mentioned e2image. I'm using armbian orange pi pc build. The fs is stock ext4 hence why I stick to e2image below. It is not about cloning a live system, hence the sdcard is plugged into my PC. Fdisk shows a single partition at 4M offset. First I backup the partition table and bootloader dd if=/dev/sdX of=offset0.img bs=4M count=1 Next I backup the single partition with e2image into a qcow2 image e2image -Qa /dev/sdX1 part0.qcow2 qcow2 only keeps used blocks. My partition size is 1
  2. Does it mean AES CBC will be hardware accelerated out-of-the-box on Allwinner H3 boards when armbian starts to ship kernel 5.5?
  3. So, with a clean install of Armbian_19.11.3_Orangepipc_buster_current_5.3.9 there is no performance problem outlined above. The pi saturates 30mbit connection when dowloading a torrent over openvpn, cpu usage is the same 40% as with my older setup. But the cpu temperature shown is still much higher with armbian 19.11.3. Idle stats armbian 5.92 kernel 4.19.62 vs 19.11.3 kernel 5.3.9 Torrent downloading at 30mbit over openvpn link stats 5.92 kernel 4.19.62 vs 19.11.3 kernel 5.3.9 I wonder if there mby was some change in te
  4. KK. I'll try a clean install on another sdcard later and report the results here then.
  5. I've been happily running orangepipc with armbian (buster, 4.19.62-sunxi) as an openvpn gateway for my home devices for some time. Here are some details: I have a remote openvpn server the pi runs an openvpn client and connects to the server the pi has ipv4 packets forwarding enabled my wifi router provides the pi's ip as the default gateway via dhcp So when I connect to wifi with my phone, all phone traffic will be routed through the remote openvpn server without need to install the openvpn client on the phone itself. With this setup the p
  6. Have you tried plugging anything else into the usb port? Did it work? Like a usb flash, another wifi dongle or usb-hdd?
  7. Don't you have a usb-ttl thing?
  8. Hey guys. 1. This piece if [[ $(lsb_release -sc) =~ bionic|buster|cosmic|disco ]]; then mkopts[ext4]='-q -m 2 -O ^64bit,^metadata_csum' elif [[ $(lsb_release -sc) == xenial ]]; then mkopts[ext4]='-q -m 2' fi Why disable metadata_csum? Why disable 64bit overall, not just for pure 32 bit boards? Edit on Mar 9 2020 Metadata checksums is a new feature of ext4 since e2fsprogs 1.44 (xenial has 1.42). It makes the fs more robust to data corruption but it requires some extra cpu power to calculate the checksums. It is not a pr