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  1. How to build the armbian img for Mediatek Dimensity device, provided that I have a Dimensity 1000 Android 12 phone?
  2. Hi, Igor. I am trying to compile armbian kernel for N6 Max rk3399 box, based on Armbian/Build: https://github.com/armbian/build I met the following issues: 1. The "Current" branch does not boot up the system; 2. The "Legacy" version of rk3399 for overclock patch https://github.com/armbian/build/tree/master/patch/kernel/rk3399-legacy/overclock-rk3399-to-1.5-2.0.patch cannot be integrated in the debs, and the cpu speed is always A53@1.4GHz/A72@1.8GHz; 3. The "Legacy" verion of rockchip64 are A53@1.5GHz/A72@2.2GHz, but wifi does not work; 4. The released debs on apt/armbian,com behave same; 5. Tried to play with the config files but the problems are not solved yet. Please help solve the issues. Wayne
  3. Thanks for your work!!! I would like to give feedback FYI. I pent few days to play with the images on N6: 1. WIFI is not shown; 2. Web browsers Firefox /Chromium do not connect to internet for "security" issue; 3. The system, even terminal, respond very very slow. It supposed to be very fast, faster than S912 which I tried your img. S912 img are very fast.
  4. I used N6 dtb, rk3399-magicsee-n6-max.dtb, which works! Thanks so much! If you put up a tutorial, there will be more members to follow. Next question: where we can modify the rootfs info such as partition ext2, ext3, ext4 etc?
  5. I flashed the default img to sd card but it failed to boot up my N6 box with the dtb files you posted. it says that it cannot find ROOTFS. Can you put up a tutorial for howto? Thank for your help! I looked up armbianEnv.txt in which rootdev=UUID=e4f3cef1-6360-464a-a70d-21cfd96b763c rootfstype=BOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz-5.0.0-32-generic rootdev=LABEL=ROOTFS rootfstype=ext4 but in the BOOT (dos) there is no file named /boot/vmlinuz-5.0.0-32-generic.