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  1. Is that speed will be the same for Olinuxino A20 Lime2 board? it is too slow for SSD disk which is attached on SATA port.I expected much more, but I see in Youtube some guys showing speed transfer results on Raspberry Pi 4 and Rock Pi4 with attached SSDs on their USB 3.0 ports and the results are something like 260 Mb/s for read and 245Mb/s for write, which can be acceptable as good performance.
  2. Hello guys and gals Can anyone help me what information to add in boot.cmd file to make it bootable from SSD on SATA port? I found some examples but they are from 2014 and the information in my boot.cmd file looks slightly different from what is posted in the past. I'm using the latest Buster Server image with 4.19 kernel. By the way is it a good idea to enable TRIM for the SSD? I saw some options in YouTube how to enable TRIM, but just want to ask for opinion of people with SSD drives, who already managed to boot from SATA with SSD. setenv load_addr