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  1. Hi, i would like to read continously from Orangepi zero SPI. I download the latest kernel from https://www.armbian.com/orange-pi-zero/. Now i need to enable the SPI. I tried with changing my /boot/armbianEnv.txt file here i'm attaching it. Then i reboot and loged then i can see spidev0.0. But i want to use SPI1. How to enable SPI 1. armbianEnv.txt
  2. hi , successfully connected my SD card to Orangepi USB pins.. And the lsusb output of OPI is how to display the files in ma SD card?
  3. Edited the param_spidev_spi_bus=1" and nothing worked for me. How can i enable External SD card via gpio pins?
  4. Hi, I need to add a second SD card reader to my Orangepi zero. I tried with this link https://github.com/nopnop2002/STM32_TFT_8bit . But it doesn't work. I read that SPI is not enabled in Orangepi kernel and i checked with ls /dev/*spi* and the output was - ls: cannot access '/dev/*spi*': No such file or directory. So i edited the /boot/armbinaEnv.txt as adding "overlays=spi-spidev" and rebooted. then checked ls /dev/*spi* and out is - /dev/spidev0.0. But my code is not working..Can you tell me what is wrong here ? These are my pin configuration SD CARD OPI zero ------------------------------------------------------------ GND (6) GND (6) VCC (4) 3.3V (1) MISO (7) Pin#21(SPI MISO) MOSI (2) Pin#19(SPI MOSI) SCK (5) Pin#23(SPI SCLK) CS (1) Pin#26(SPI CE)
  5. Hi, I have a USB OTG supported device lets say Orangepi zero. I would like to convert this device as a USB Printer. 1 ) Mimic the connected USB printer (so that the machine thinks it still has the original printer attached) 2 ) Capture the output from the machine 3 ) Send the captured output to the printer.
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