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  1. Wow. Thanks a lot lot again. You are a life saver.
  2. Thanks a lot for helping me out. Can you please take a look into the reboot button also.
  3. I did but it had asked for permission which I missed somehow. I mean I used sudo but it again said permission denied for half of the command. Later used su command first and then gave loaded it easily.
  4. I short the PA10 pin to ground and its not shutting down. I have installed wiring pi and by giving command gpio readall I can see that PA10 is an input and voltage is high(pullup). But not shutting down. What could be the reason?
  5. After installing that and compiling, it gave a couple of warnings /boot/dtb/overlay/sun8i-h3-gpio-keys.dtbo: Warning (unit_address_vs_reg): /fragment@1/__overlay__/mykeypad/button@10: node has a unit name, but no reg property /boot/dtb/overlay/sun8i-h3-gpio-keys.dtbo: Warning (avoid_unnecessary_addr_size): /fragment@1/__overlay__/mykeypad: unnecessary #address-cells/#size-cells without "ranges" or child "reg" property Is that okay
  6. I am sorry but I am really a noob. Do I need to install something for this purpose?? Because it says this -bash: git-work/dtc/dtc: No such file or directory
  7. Great ! I would try that right away. A small query though. Can another button be hooked similar to this for a simple reboot also? By the way thanks a lot for this. You guys just rock.
  8. Yeah thats fine for me. Just want to implement that for safe shutdown as I would want to disconnect power after that. So is there simple way to implement that??
  9. Hi there. I want to use a push button on a GPIO to shutdown O Pi Zero safely. Though the acpid way runs fine on an O Pi One, I wonder if there is a way to make it work on a O Pi Zero. Please direct me if its documented somewhere already. Thanks
  10. See I am a noob at all this. But I found somewhere that these commands can release RAM. Maybe give them a try prior to compiling /usr/lib/armbian/armbian-ramlog write >/dev/null 2>&1 sync; echo 3 | sudo tee /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches The first one clears RamLog and the second clears the Buff/Cache. Try these just for fun. Or wait for the gurus to give the apt answer
  11. Thanks a lot. It works fine. It asked for a password when I entered the command like you just told, so how to use this command in rc.local or how to execute it at boot?? Edit: Simply added the line to /etc/rc.local Thanks again btw
  12. Hi ! I am running deb stretch server on OPi Zero LTS. To control LEDs I tried to follow this thread So if I edit the file /sys/class/leds/orangepi:green:pwr/trigger to select "cpu" but I get the following opi@orangepizero:/$ sudo echo "power" > /sys/class/leds/orangepi:green:pwr/trigger -bash: /sys/class/leds/orangepi:green:pwr/trigger: Permission denied With root as user, this is what I get root@orangepizero:/# echo "power" > /sys/class/leds/orangepi:green:pwr/trigger bash: echo: write error: Invalid argument however, if I edit the file using nano and delete all contents and then type cpu then it gets saved and green led shows intended status. Whats the standard procedure to do this??
  13. Hi ! I have a few Orange Pi boards- Zero, One, PC, One Plus, Zero Plus What I would like to know is about overclocking them. I already use 12v fans for cooling. Can someone please guide me how to overclock these boards. I just want to try the capabilities of these boards. Thanks to all the awesome people in advance. Update- Read about how the defaults(clock) are the best. Thanks Armbain. great for dummies like me.
  14. Thanks a lot. I'll try that. If I need help in that, I'll come back.
  15. Sorry, dn't know how to use that workaround for picotts used by snips Can you guide me a bit please.
  16. So, today I tried this one also- Armbian_5.83_Orangepilite_Debian_stretch_next_4.19.38. But the same result. Later I tried the latest buster image- Armbian_5.91_Orangepilite_Debian_buster_next_4.19.59. But could not successfully run the software I wanted on that and hence could not test it. Maybe I would give it another try some day
  17. Okay I would try that and revert back. But the problem is I am using the board solely to run Snips AI and Snips has already mentioned on their website that they do not support debian buster yet. Only Deb Stretch is supported.
  18. Hi ! I am using Armbian_5.65_Orangepilite_Debian_stretch_next_4.14.78armbian deb stretch image on orange pi lite. Its working great for the most part, but it misses the starting portion of the audio. I have installed snips voice assistant on it and for some reason the speaker does not produce the confirmation sound output on hotword detection. But plays rest of the sound outputs after that for another 5 seconds or so. Missing the confirmation sound from a smart speaker is really annoying. Is that a bug? Is there a possible workaround? Is any way this can be solved properly? Please point me in the right direction
  19. Thanks a lot btw. Another thing is that there is Pulse H1102NL for LAN on OPI Zero but not on OPI One. Does that mean OPI One lacks transformer. Is OPI Zero better in that aspect??
  20. And also does using WIFI in any way use more resources(RAM or CPU) than using LAN on OPI Zero ?
  21. I have fell in love with orange pi boards lately. One thing I want to know is about the orange pi zero, orange pi one and orange pi lite. Are they equal in speed for headless operation or is H3 better in speed than H2+ ??