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  1. Yes, I read the official docs but it was not enough. I'll try to find the analysis you're referring to. Could you please remember when was it written? Anyway, your writeup is excellent! You may consider to copy+paste it into the Docs. Thank you. great fantastic Also I finally found it in the code in lib/debootstrap.sh file and I see that ROOT_FS_CREATE_ONLY='force" will force running "debootstrap" command which will essentially rebuild rootfs from DEB packages downloaded from Debian / Ubuntu. I run Orange Pi Zero at home since I'm a cheap bastard ;-). I have very simple applications for my single board computers. Simple enough to use Arduino so Orange Pi Zero works fine and I'm happy that I don't pay for VGA / HDMI output. And yes, Wireless sucks - that's why I use RJ45. The company that I mentioned has bigger budget than my household so I'll take a look at supported boards and recommend something more expensive and reliable. Thank you very much Igor!
  2. Hi Armbian fans and developers, I want to introduce ARM single board computers into one traditional organization with corporate IT that doesn't like changes. I already know what I get from the security team if I ask to deploy Armbian that is build by a relatively small number or volunteers. Security team is OK with Debian (that is not run by commercial company) but they won't be happy with Armbian regardless my recommendation even that I personally trust the Armbian team. The solution is to build the image from source and luckily that can be done thanks to the amazing https://github.com/armbian/build. I've just tried to build image for OrangePi Zero and it works! Really great project. My goal is to build it from source, deploy it and then push the organization for financially contribute to the project ;-). The challenge I have is to understand the build process and be able to explain what is going on. I'm worried about any non-source code files (compiled files) that are downloaded outside of Debian main repo (Debian is OK). I checked the compile.sh and lib/general.sh and it seems that following assets are downloaded, instead of compiled from source: archives https://dl.armbian.com/_toolchains/gcc-*, is this just downloaded or is that actually in active use? something from http://repo.aptly.info/ (repo is added so I guess it's used) root FS? I found $ROOT_FS_CREATE_ONLY option in https://docs.armbian.com/Developer-Guide_Build-Options/ anything else? Could you please confirm? Thank you! Robert Bumba