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  1. Fantastic image, thankyou for the work, there is a way to install on microSD instead of eMMC.? Hope that is possibile beacuse my eMMC is very slow.
  2. @amirul i can't unpack your image with android tool. I used Android Tool for unpacking firmware, and ResTool to unpack resource.img
  3. On android 8 I found the dtb in resource.img On android 9 I can't find the file resource.img The original ROM of h96 max + is bad, I found a good one but it is for another device having the rk3328 chip. I need an android dtb of h96 max + to works the onboard wifi and onboard bluettoth on this rom. I managed to reassemble the rom with the dtb of my h96 max + the rom starts up and works but they don't work onboard wifi and onboard bluetooth, I'll try other solutions. The easyb dtb works well with powerled indicator, ethernet, usb wifi, usb bluetooth, hdmi sound, CEC: not tested, the video is not very good. I will confirm if the video is better with other dtbs
  4. anyone know how to get dtb file from an android rom? i have an h96 max+. I have extracted the rom with android tool , and i know that dtb file is in resourge.img, but i not find resource.img file extracting 9.0 android rom,
  5. check previus messages on this thread and you can found dtb files. Check my tutorial for easy installation of LibreElec on h96 max+, I've made a custom image: https://forum.freaktab.com/forum/tv-player-support/rockchip-based-tv-players/rk3328-devices/790385-step-by-step-tutorial-libre-elec-on-h96-max-also-ir-remote-support
  6. @easyb your dtb now work with 9.80 LE image kernel 4 by balbes. Now we have working IR remote, power led indicator, usb bluetooth dongle ,usb wifi dongle and other fuctions on our h96 max+. For interested peoples check my tutorial on freaktab for complete and working install LE on h96 max+ . <-----> coming soon... need testers for CEC and other functions that i not use and i have not tested.
  7. @easyb good news, I managed to make your dtb work with the @balbes150 LE image so that we also have support for usb wifi dongle, which as I said in the past the usb wifi dongle doesn't work on the official generic image, I'll link you a clearer one explanation as soon as I approve the post on freaktab. The only problem: does not work the LibreElec repository (it is a problem of the image 9.1 of balbes150), I had to use a 9.1 image of balbes150 because your dtb only works with 9.1 LE, if you could to update your dtb to make it compatible with Libre elec 9.80 kernel 4 we would have a Libre Elec practically perfect and updated. I really hope you can do it, my regards, Digit
  8. hello, maybe there had been an error flashing image of balbes150, now I try again and give you a final response about the situation using your dtb. UPDATE I confirm that using the LibreElec image of balbes150 4.x kernerl and your dtb, the system seems to boot but remains locked on the LibreElec logo. UPDATE2 [wifi usb dongle work on balbes150 LibreElec image with hexdump dtb] With official LibreElec image with hexdump dtb: wifi usb dongle don't work, so I think that drivers are missing on the official image.
  9. @easyb in balbes150 LibreElec with latest HEXdump dtb ; wifi usb dongle works with my two usb wireless adapter Alpha AWUS036NHA, 802.11 generic wireless adapter
  10. @easyb with your dtb wifi usb dongle don't work. Bluetooth usb dongle work. @hexdump @easyb please fusion your dtb and make a very powerful beast. Your work is gold.
  11. i used the official image, working boot and system working. Thank you. With your dtb the light in box become blue at boot, good sign, with other dtb it didn't happen. But the IR remote not work. Do I have to complete the process by following this guide linked by you? https://forum.libreelec.tv/thread/14148-h96-max-plus-rockchip-3328/?postID=129647#post129647
  12. is perfect also for me with this functions, i have used your dtb, Libre Elec boot this time, but remain stucked on the Libre Elec Logo. Can you please explain why for your opinion? I will try to reflash the img for boot using USB/SD combo. I will try also other img version of LE.
  13. Little OUT TOPIC I wrote a small guide on Freaktab on how to restore a bricked h96 max + , I know it's a small thing but if it can be of help to someone let me know and i will public here too. I would like to do the same thing and create a tutorial to make Libre Elec usable on this device as much as possible and explain the process to noob users like me.
  14. Thank you very much for support, but i am a very noob user, i don't know the prerequisites that i must have installed on ubuntu to complete my conversion. I have followed this tutorial to convert https://stackoverflow.com/questions/21670967/how-to-compile-dts-linux-device-tree-source-files-to-dtb and other comands founded on web but i really don't know what i am doing. i will try use your dtb uploaded in last message, and will try also conversion, making conversion with my powers would make me more proud. And if i have learned a few more of those processes i can help other users like me. Your dtb uploaded is complete and usable? Anyway can anyone explain me how convert or/and compare linux dtb with android dtb with a little tutorial? /sorry for my bad english/
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