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  1. my attempts to run the included ffmpeg on this thread are the ones that I attempted to use. I am using Debian Stretch. If it should work, I wonder now if my device is faulty. I'd like to explore this more, and give the URL you compiled from a try. Is there any special settings required in the ./configure you ran?
  2. before posting on the forum, I did try using just the ffmpeg out of the project. I figured I was maybe doing something wrong since every attempt to render a video ended in errors, followed by some random location causing a seg fault. I hope its me and troubles with new software. Another idea I just had... it would be great if I could do sudo apt install ffmpeg-exynos-5422. Is there anything legal that would prevent a compiled package like this to be added to armbian?
  3. Hello, I am the happy owner of the Odroid HC-1 running Armbian currently. Is there support on the Debian side of things regarding this devices ability to encode video using ffmpeg? Ive been trying to find instructions on how to compile the code myself