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  1. Hi everyone ! Can somebody upload this version ? I need it desperately Armbian_5.76_Aml-s912_Ubuntu_bionic_default_4.20.5_desktop_20190224
  2. I got it working with Armbian_5.76_Aml-s912_Ubuntu_bionic_default_4.20.5_desktop_20190224 image even without putting any dtb file. Is theresomething wrong with Kernel 5 for my box : However, wifi is not working
  3. Which DTB file should I use for BeeLink GT1 2gb/16 G912 ? I tried several files but non of them worked
  4. Hi Everyone, I have spent a lot time and effort but could not manage to Beelink GT1 running. Once I boot the device with SD card, it stucks in Beelink logo for a while (waited around 10 mins) Is this problem might be due to current Android version ? (v6.0) Can you advise which armbian version (kernel version as well) and DTB to use ? Full specs : Beelink GT1 2GB / 32GB (G912)