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  1. Got failed to start systemd-modules-load.service kernel module. So no luck whit just this image on my Android unit. Many thanks to you anyway! Looks like I have to buy another rasbperry pi to get the Strech Debian for my Gimx usage
  2. Hi Maybe my messages doesn't show up to this thread but I'm trying to ask about Armbian Strecth image. I hope someone has it and would share it for us. I'm looking also 32bit distro for the s905w but looks like the armbian doesn't have support for that? I would be very grateful for the help @balbes150 Have you deleted those old versions?
  3. Would you do me a favor and upload that image for me?
  4. @balbes150 I have deleted by mistake the Stretch version image about this armbian release. Is there any change to get the newest one back to the MEGA site? At least I don't find OLD folder from there anymore and I really have some use for your awesome work but just the Stretch one. Edit. just found the info that you have deleted the old folder (11-28-2019, 03:23)
  5. IE:s welcome for the image Ambian_19.11.3_Rk3399-tv_bionic_current_5.4.1_20191210.img.xz "This unsafe download was blocked by Windows Defender SmartScreen" P.S. Just downloaded and now going to test these 2: Armbian_19.11.3_Rk3399-tv_bionic_current_5.4.1_desktop_20191210.img Armbian_19.11.3_Rk3399-tv_buster_current_5.4.1_20191210.img ones Edit. For the some reason TX9s doesn't boot with the bionic_current_5.4.1_desktop_20191210. The another one looks better!
  6. I have tried to shutdown Armbian with "poweroff" command but I have problem with some corruption. I think that reason for situation is that the system was still on during power down. My device is Tanix TX9s and when using Linux there is blue led always on in the front of the device (there is also green when using Android and the device is in standby). How do you know when the device is ready to power down when there isn't display attached..? At least SSH closes immediately after power off command. Hope to get help with this. I'm all ready little bit frustrated to reinstall everything
  7. @balbes150 Thank you for good work with the distributions! I have one question or request. Is there any change to get some kind of change log for the new releases?
  8. Look's like there is not right dtb file for the Tanix TX9s for now. The box has 2GB of ram and 8GB rom so it's quite unique at the moment. Any idea is there any change to get TX9s and Armbian working together with using dtb file from another S912 device (maybe 16GB rom version)?
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