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  1. Thank you guys. This helped me a lot. @chwe I tried to edit my DT but when I compiled the dts file, I got the message bellow I used -f option but this changed nothing. What else in DT can I fix to delay it? [Edit] In the first place, my dab file didn't have the term of vcc5v0_usb1 or vcc5v0_usb2
  2. Sorry for the other topic. I had made it before you replied and didn't know how to delete it. Now things seem to be clearer. I used to power it with an 5V/3A AC/DC power and a USB cable which is sold by FriendlyElec, a distributer of NanoPi M4 https://www.friendlyarm.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=234 but the power supply for boot was not enough so the USB device was seen as USB2.0 after the boot. Then I changed the power supply from that to a regulated dc power supply and power the pc via USB type-C connector. This resulted in what I've wanted, I finally got the USB3.0 connection at boot. It it strange but FriendlyElec's official power supply system isn't that good.
  3. Hi, Is it possible to delay loading USB drivers ? I don't want it to be loaded at the boot but after a few seconds after it for some reasons. uname -a returns
  4. I really appreciate your contribution to this. But for me some things are still unclear and I have to deal with it. I might misunderstand this, but are you suggesting me post a new topic with proper a title?
  5. @TRS-80 Thank you for making things be clear like this. First, I don't use HDD for this but some USB3.0 device so the only interface that I can use is just USB. I already checked USB type-C power (actually tried with some cables too) and the power supply level to the connector, and there seems to be no problem. Also tested powering the PC via GPIO but the problem still remained. Any advice would be appreciated again, this is so tough and strange [Edit] I conducted some tests and found that the USB device can be seen as USB3.0 when the connector is plugged to the PC even 1 second after the power supply is started. So I guess since the more power is needed for booting, this happens...?
  6. @Cornelius Yes, with additional power hub, now I can get USB3.0 super speed connection at boot. So this can be concluded as a power related issue, I guess. Just out of my curiosity, is it possible to delay a mount of the drive related to USB device operation? I think this also might help to do it To be honest I don't like to use the hub...
  7. Thanks, TRS-80 I appreciate all of your work for this issue. Of course I have tried with some different USB cables but that changed nothing. The interesting thing on this issue is that once the device is recognized as USB3.0, even after rebooting, the device is still seen as USB3.0. So I came up with a scenario that, the power supply for USB port is not enough to use USB3.0 only at boot. Since rebooting doesn't undergo power reset, this scenario makes sense.
  8. Thanks, Cornelius Now I'm thinking that this problem could be the shortage of power for USB port at boot and thus my device is somehow recognized as USB2.0 device. (I don't know if this scenario makes sense or not) If so, the delay of mounting drive may possibly works. Now I want to try it but could you tell me how?
  9. Hi there, I have a USB3.0 device which is recognized as USB2.0 at boot but after unplugging/replugging the usb cable, recognized as USB3.0. Do you have any ideas why this happens or any solution for this?
  10. Thank you, TRS-80 yes, that sounds very nice But what I really want to do in the end is just getting USB3.0, and the last solution for me was this, "Reseting USB". Hopefully I want to achieve that without network or Wi-Fi system. So I would like your wise advices or ideas for this. Why do you think, only after unplugging/replugging a usb cable, my device gets recognized as USB3.0? Could it be solved by adding some resistance elements or? Thank you
  11. Yes, I did. But that changed nothing So I thought somehow USB power reset is needed in this case but I'm not sure...
  12. Thanks Werner I really appreciate your help The reason why I'm trying this is because my USB3.0 device is only recognized as USB2.0 at boot, while after unplugging/replugging the connector, it recognized as USB3.0 so I tried to do the same things with power off/on with software operation since the pc will be put somewhere I cannot access easily. Do you have any ideas to solve this problem? So far I've planed to pull out the VCC 5V line from the USB cable and attach it to some switching things.
  13. Sorry, that was misleading What I would like to achieve is specifically this part. This post seems to explain how to switch the power supply of USB port.
  14. I would like to reset USB power for some reasons. Now I'm using NanoPi M4 and "uname -a" returns the following I was wondering if I could power off/on of my USB device with commands, and found people are doing it with different PCs like topic below Is this possible with NanoPi M4? and if possible, how?
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