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  1. New kernel 5.4.44 fixed all the glitching indeed, a lot better now. Now waiting for the OpenGL to arrive proper as well.
  2. Hello people, I use a Tinker Board as a low power desktop computer for browsing, office documents and general tinkering, and after all this time it got personalized enough to worry about loosing all this setup and it is a hassle to just overwrite everything every time a new image comes around. Was wondering if it is possible to use apt dist-upgrade as means to get from Bionic Desktop 5.4 to Focal Desktop 5.4 as can be done on x86 platforms without breaking everything?
  3. Hello people, I have an Asus Tinker Board S and decided to use the Mainline Armbian for this board, love the new panfrost driver but seems it is glitching all over the place, icons in the menu disappear and reappear when mouse hovers over them, tick boxes do not show if they are ticked and only flicker when mouse is over them and applications menu keep redrawing all over when trying to use among the most prominent problems. Other operating systems work well in this matter. Anyone else is having these problems with the mainline 5.4.28 kernel build?
  4. Hello people, I am trying to set CPU Governors but all the cores change to the same clock and cpufreq-info reports "CPUs which run at the same hardware frequency: 0 1 2 3", with that even one thread working is making the CPU scale up all clocks and heat more than it should, is there a way to unlink them and each one have their own clocks according to each core processing load?