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  1. Hi,


    I'm trying to build debian kernel but using mainline 5.4.12 + patches from patch/kernel/sunxi-current. I took non disabled patches and apply patch -p1 for all of them and it fails at patch 0010-general-h6-add-dma-i2c-ir-spi-uart.patch in first hunk because opp node in dts doesn't exists. It's not in mainline not in patches. I have no idea how this works though. Is this patch then skipped or? Thanks.



  2. 18 minutes ago, balbes150 said:

    If you need other u-boot (like the official version 2019.10), build it and use it (if it can work with your hardware).

    The only difference is that you need to configure dtb in the file (extlinux.conf), everything else works exactly the same.



    OK so on x96-mini should work stock u-boot and I don't need old android one then? Just out of curiosity is there any chance to recover if 2019.10 will hang? Also is there any reason why mainline is not used in current amlogic armbian releases? Thanks.

  3. Hi,


    I bought x96mini with 2G RAM and 16G emmc and booting to android works fine. I want to run armbian on it so I followed this post: to solder serial console.  Aftre plugging to pc and starting minicom I cannot see any info out of serial console. Does anybody experience similar or something else must be done to have output on serial console? Thanks a lot. Marek