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    Hello, I've the Rock64 4G v2.0 - 2017-0713. I tried to install different OS but I get similar errors and problems as yours. The SBC stuck after a while or lost the connection after high I/O traffic with my SSD on the USB3.
    If It can help you, I describe here how I could installed a clean Armbian on my rock64:
    - Download u-boot-flash-spi-rock64.img.xz from here and use Etcher to write to a new micro SD card; I used SanDisk Ultra 16GB microSDHC, Class 10. 
    - Download OS image “Armbian 5.69 Ubuntu Bionic default, Kernel 4.4.167” from the archive here and use Etcher to write to the SSD.
    - I both a new power supply because I get some under voltage errors. But I still have to measure the differences. I've got this by amazon. 
    - Insert the SD card into Rock64 and boot it. It will automatically flash the SPI memory. Wait until the white LED on Rock64 blink once per second. Wait for some more time just to ensure the writing is done and then remove the SD card and power off the board.
    - Connect network cable to Rock64 and attach the SSD to USB 3.0 port and then boot Rock64. Log in only with HDMI monitor and Keyboard and change the pw and user name. 
    - Connect the SSD to another linux and check and repair the partition (job 1) and extend it till the end (job 2).
    - Re-connect the SSD and go to armbian-config and then freeze the Kernel and File System. Check desmeg results. Try also to connect with ssh.
    I get now a clean and stable board and I´m happy after many month trials. If I can help someone would be nice. Let me know.