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  1. Hi I need help please ( sorry for my bad english) I have a Beelink GT1 and i want to install already install Armbian once, by now.... i forget what the file (version) that i need to use :/ Some onde can tell me pease ? Thanks
  2. Any advice with this print? Nothing happens
  3. Is any way to enter inside of this "partition" and delete unwanted files? I dont have any backup of my config :(:(:(:( I dont want lost all my hours in Hoem Assistant
  4. But this file isn't were is installed all the OS + Docker + Home Assistant? I´am afraid delete the file and.... lost all my configuration
  5. Hi, I have a Amlogix S905 with Armbian and The Home Assistant running on Docker. My problem is... i dont have any free space :( ... i have a simple instalation of Home assistant and i delete all the logs... See the picture and help me if you can :( How can i free space the storage? @ - Sorry for my porr english. Thanks,
  6. Hi, I need your help I´ve a Beelink with home assistant and unfortunately the storage is full and now i cant access to home assistant or samba share to delete the files and reboot the BOX I access successfully with putty (root privileges) to my Box, but i can´t see the files to delete. There is some way to do this? @ - Sorry for my poor english. Thanks M8´s. Luis Belo