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  1. I have a suggestion for the moderators: Please move the Rockchip 3399 subforum from development to Bug Tracker if its ok! Most of the boards listed there: Nanopi Neo4, M4, NanoPC T4, Rock64PRO, Rock Pi4 are now marked as supported on the Armbian download page. I read a comment from @Igor sometime ago (not able to locate right now) that the only thing holding back the sub forum transfer was a lack of moderator action. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the instructions @NicoD! I modified the mesa build options to enable egl: meson -D egl=true -D gles1=true -D gles2=true -D shared-glapi=true -Ddri-drivers= -Dvulkan-drivers= -Dgallium-drivers=panfrost,kmsro -Dlibunwind=false -Dprefix=/usr build/ With egl one can compile and run git version of supertuxkart.
  3. A workaround/fix for this is to edit the dts and set USB3_0 to 'host' instead of 'otg'. Found here.
  4. Hi Ravaz, Its not supported currently, but is planned: https://forum.radxa.com/t/how-to-control-the-gpio/148/29 If you know a bit of programming, can try using the GPIO via a bash or python script, like here: https://forum.radxa.com/t/how-to-control-the-gpio/148/10
  5. Hi Igor, Agree. Will check. I understand. I reported so that we know this problem is present with current kernels. And experienced community members can help to diagnose and fix it. Thanks. Edit- I confirm that it works with the Armbian legacy kernel (4.4.198-rockchip64).
  6. Hi, I am using Armbian_19.11.3_Rockpi-4b_buster_current_5.3.11_desktop. Facing issue when trying to use USB devices in the upper USB 3 port on a Rock Pi 4 v1.3. This port also supports USB OTG. The switch is set to Host mode. The storage is detected occasionally, while most of the time it does not work. dmesg contains no reference to the connected storage: $ dmesg | grep usb [ 0.000000] Kernel command line: root=UUID=590fca6f-9771-4245-86a7-34712bfe535b rootwait rootfstype=ext4 console=ttyS2,1500000 console=tty1 panic=10 consoleblank=0 loglevel=1
  7. Hi mo123, Thanks for the comment. Indeed, in the mainline kernel the above code is not present. There are some other changes too, related to i2s0 in the Radxa kernel which are not present in mainline. Radxa (4.4): https://github.com/radxa/kernel/blob/cc4fef39f29bda97ba1d9129d897e77d08ccf096/arch/arm64/boot/dts/rockchip/rockpi-4b-linux.dts Mainline(5.3): https://github.com/torvalds/linux/blob/549dcdafe793000fbe38914a1f231d3c6034a6ec/arch/arm64/boot/dts/rockchip/rk3399-rock-pi-4.dts
  8. Hi, Yes, sound with kernel 5 and above is being worked on as written in this thread.
  9. Hi, Tested the current build (Armbian_19.11.3_Rockpi-4b_buster_current_5.3.11_desktop.7z) on a Rock Pi 4 v1.3. Working well so far the past couple of hours. Its an amazing feeling to be able to run the mainline kernel with so little issues. Some minor things: The Red Led keeps on blinking with this build. Earlier it only blinked if there was error while booting. New to this board, so this maybe incorrect. I booted up Radxa image and there also red light was blinking. Sound via 3.5 mm jack not working. Inserted earphone, no output. Sound via HDMI works.
  10. Hi NicoD, You are right there! I was connecting the RX of the USB Serial to the RX GPIO pin, while the correct way was to connect RX of the USB serial to TX on the GPIO. With correct connections it worked today. The chip was not a problem. Thanks to martinayotte, I knew which USB serial device to try and buy I will retry the old build which was failing to see if I can provide more information. The 5.3 kernel is interesting for me as its mainline and more open source I believe! Will try it and report any issues if possible.
  11. Hi, I had the same issue. The latest Armbian image worked for me. More details here:
  12. Hi, I face the same issue, on a recently bought a Rock Pi 4B v1.3. Steps followed: 1. Downloaded official (Radxa) Ubuntu Server Bionic as well as Armbian Buster Desktop (Armbian_5.98_Rockpi-4b_Debian_buster_default_4.4.192_desktop.7z) via torrent. 2. Wrote both images to different SD cards (Samsung Evo Plus Class 10) using dd. The one with Radxa Ubuntu boots, but Armbian buster does not. The red Led keeps blinking, no output via HDMI. Rewrote and tested the Armbian image twice, but no change. One difference I noticed is that on writi