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  1. Thanks man. I was going to do the same and just slap the standard 2x13 and try to guestimate the rest, but I really want the shield to go over the 2x13 and the 1x13 as well as those 3 pins next to the RJ45 jack. I wish I had a printer, i could just test design, print, fix, repeat until i was confident they all lined up. Thanks for the follow up.
  2. Hey, I was wondering if anyone came across the board layout files. If eagle cad files were available that would be great! I'm assuming that they dont exist.. Or has someone designed a hat or shield for the OPi0? I want to design one and was hoping someone else beat me to it. If not i'll just have to measure it out and make it. I dont want to reinvent the wheel so that would be cool Thanks
  3. Hey Guys, IM finally trying to make use of my OPi0 and Im planning on creating a daughterboard/hat/shield similar to the expansion board they sell, but with only the bits i need. One thing i'm wondering is if its possible to feed the power (5v) via the pins on the expansion board and not using the OTG input. Im trying to keep it as clean as possible and dont want to have the OTG connection for power. Is the regulator only on the OTG? Last I checked, my power supply gives out a steady 5.3v feed @5amps (driving some power hungry pixels). In regards to sound. I wanted to use an LMA386 amp on my custom daughter board to boost the output for a 4 ohm speaker i'm going to use. I noticed on the expansion board that two pins are use for left/right channel output. Since its a mono speaker, i'll only need one channel. im assuming that should be ok right? or should I bridge the left/right and pass that to the amp? Thanks for your time.