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  1. So for now no solution for 5.3 kernel and waweshare? Only roll to previous kernel?
  2. So I remove fbtft_device. But not underdsand how enable DT support for fbtft i add dtoverlay=waveshare35a to nano /boot/armbianEnv.txt and copied waveshare35a.dtbo to /boot/dtb and nothing changes
  3. Its stupid, but I saw on commit history, and think that fbtft not support on github But.... https://github.com/notro/fbtft/issues/543
  4. install 5.83 xenial: all works [ 9.681206] fbtft_device: SPI devices registered: [ 9.681229] fbtft_device: spidev spi0.0 33000kHz 8 bits mode=0x00 [ 9.681242] fbtft_device: 'fb' Platform devices registered: [ 9.681320] fbtft_device: Deleting spi0.0 [ 9.681732] fbtft_device: GPIOS used by 'piscreen': [ 9.681743] fbtft_device: 'reset' = GPIO2 [ 9.681751] fbtft_device: 'dc' = GPIO71 [ 9.681758] fbtft_device: SPI devices registered: [ 9.681769] fbtft_device: fb_ili9486 spi0.0 16000kHz 8 bits mode=0x00 some problem in new builds
  5. Have a orange pi pc plus with 3.5inch RPi LCD (A) I install bionic 5.3.9 and try to set up screen via this guide, but got this (dmesg |grep fbtft): [ 5.594066] fbtft: module is from the staging directory, the quality is unknown, you have been warned. [ 5.612714] fbtft_device: module is from the staging directory, the quality is unknown, you have been warned. [ 5.613364] fbtft_device: unknown parameter 'gpios' ignored [ 6.010096] Modules linked in: fb_ili9486(C+) sch_fq_codel fbtft_device(C) fbtft(C) ip_tables x_tables pwrseq_simple sy8106a_regulator [ 6.042799] LR is at fbtft_register_framebuffer+0x6f/0x1bc [fbtft] [ 6.099269] [<bf81fbe7>] (fbtft_register_framebuffer [fbtft]) from [<bf820593>] (fbtft_probe_common+0x103/0x360 [fbtft]) [ 6.099291] [<bf820593>] (fbtft_probe_common [fbtft]) from [<bf813125>] (fbtft_driver_probe_spi+0x19/0x1c [fb_ili9486]) [ 6.099313] [<bf813125>] (fbtft_driver_probe_spi [fb_ili9486]) from [<c06c1821>] (spi_drv_probe+0x55/0x68) [ 6.099404] [<c0660689>] (driver_register) from [<bf805017>] (fbtft_driver_module_init+0x17/0x1000 [fb_ili9486]) [ 6.099420] [<bf805017>] (fbtft_driver_module_init [fb_ili9486]) from [<c0102beb>] (do_one_initcall+0x37/0x1a8) On one of some previous build screen works after assigment as main screen. Now - I down't know what to do next I swap screens from my RPI fligtfeeder - screen works fine HDMI to external monitor works fine Any ideas?