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  1. Has anyone managed to use a usb adapter to get mic/aux out working on an Orange Pi Zero LTS? I am thinking of getting something like this (apparently it works with linux):
  2. Figured as much, looks like they are indeed messing with something to make it look like temperatures are less. Don't have an infrared thermometer to test temps at the moment though. I'll try and get one soon.
  3. Could it be Here you go. I also couldn't believe it. Maybe the sensor is faulty? I live in Russia and the temperature is 0C outside. Room temperature is around 26ish. Also, I edited my post to make things more understandable. I was at around 10C when only Armbian was installed (no heatsink). Then once PiHole was up, I hit around 20C (still no heatsink installed). Then I installed the heatsink and went down to around 13C from 20C. As I previously stated, mine is indoors.
  4. So, I just got mine a few days ago. It's the OPi Zero LTS 512mb version. The board states it's v1.5. I have it running Pi Hole with around 2 million blocked hosts and it's around 20C. Before installing anything (PiHole), even with passive heating it was well below 10C (Only had Armbian). I'd say it's pretty good. Max I have seen it hit under some load is 33C. Edit 1: I just installed a heat sink and can already see the temperatures are lower than before. With heatsinks I'm now at around 13C and don't go over 26C when it's under load. Pi Hole isn't super intensive on th