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  1. Thanks for the feedback on the testing. Any plans to test the other stuff like AES, SHA1 etc?
  2. Hi Igor, A command line parameter to would be nice e.g. "./ mainline" if no parameter is passed in, then it could default to stable. That would make things a lot simpler and not require modifying any of the lib files or having to create separate call scripts to define KERNELTAG.
  3. Hi Wilcat, Thanks for the response. The sunxi-ss has a bug... that's primarily the reason I wanted to test 4.3. I emailed the driver developer about that error. He has submitted a patch to fix that problem... here's a link to the patch request: ​
  4. Igor, I noticed that your build script automatically parses a URL to determine what the current stable release is for "Next". Since 4.3 is now officially released and has a number of features worth checking out, it would be nice if the build script offered an option to pick from stable vs. mainline. For now I am just manually setting the KernelTag to "4.3", but it would be nice not to have to modify any of the scripts manually and have this be an option you can pick from. Just a suggestion... Thanks.
  5. Ok, will do. Thanks Igor!
  6. FYI - seeing the following error on completion of a build... I suspect it's transient since it just seems to be verifying the image... "Re-reading the partition table failed.: Invalid argument​" Image build seems to otherwise complete successfully. Haven't tested the image yet. This was building a BPi image for Jessie using the "next" (latest) kernel.
  7. I cleaned all my folders, synched libs to the latest and kicked off a new build and it seems to be fine now. Not sure what was causing the hiccup before, but all is good now.
  8. I created a Wheezy and Jessie image. Whenever I try extracting the Jessie image, I get a CRC error. I am using 7zip. I tried extracting the zip also using Windows Explorer (Win10) and it also runs into an error. It seems like there might be an issue with the Jessie images being created. I cleaned my output folder and created a new clean image and still run into the same problem. This is using the latest libs and creating a 4.2.3 image (the default settings in the lib config). FYI, the Wheezy image extracts without any problems. Any ideas why the Jessie image is corrupt? Thanks.
  9. I think I got to the bottom of the problem.... I don't believe it is related to Armbian at all or the httpredir URL. I think the problem is related to my upgrading pfsense to the latest 2.3 Alpha and one of the firewall rules for DNS starting behaving strangely. I have removed the rule and the problems seemed to have gone away. Just in case anyone else is running pfsense and running into similar issues....
  10. The fix you mentioned earlier in the thread earlier which shows a change to the debootstrap line. I will try configuring my sources list manually and seeing how that works.
  11. I removed the cached root filesystem and got the latest libs files, and I am still getting the same error on the same 2 files viz. [ error ] Installation failed Failed to fetch Could not resolve '' Failed to fetch Could not resolve '' E: Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing?​ I noticed the fix you made is for Jessie.... I am running
  12. I *think* this problem was related to not seeing the status window when building the image via SSH. If I leave it long enough.. it seems to get past this stage and then aborts due to the "Failed to fetch"error (which I posted in another thread about).
  13. So I don't think this is due to DNS.... I noticed that the error is occurring on the same 2 files every time i.e.: [ o.k. ] Fixing release custom applications. [ wheezy ] [ error ] Installation failed Failed to fetch Could not resolve '' Failed to fetch Could not resolve '' E: Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing?​ It also happens
  14. Aside from the DNS resolution issue I am having (different thread), I am often getting stuck on the following: Unpacking locales (from .../locales_2.13-38+deb7u8_all.deb) ... Processing triggers for man-db ... Setting up locales (2.13-38+deb7u8) ... Generating locales (this might take a while)... Generation complete. Generating locales (this might take a while)... en_US.UTF-8... done Generation complete.​ It just sits there and nothing further happens. I have left it for 30 minutes or more, and still nothing. I usually end up killing it... rebooting and then restarting. When it
  15. I tried changing the defaults to the ones generated by the generator, but no luck. I also tried deleting my VM and creating a new one (I generate my images in a VM) and am still running into the same issue. I am not sure if it's something related to my DNS servers.. I'll try new DNS servers and see if that makes a difference.