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  1. I just install everything and now i ne3d get out from the text mode.. how do i start at grphic mode.. thank yall..
  2. I had some answers on it.. there is a few comments at my question.. but no way to fix/reset it.. i tried to chroot on a kde linux and another time on a emmabuntu linux.. result: didnt work.. can someone post to me some an answer!?.. thx alott..
  3. Ok.. i tryed to get the answer at Google.. i found one procedure conc er Ning it but its not a good pra tice.. i dont know how break through indo the marvel(boot). Can someone please tell me something different..?
  4. Hi.. I Just forgot my password.. can someone tell me how to fix it /reset?
  5. ;).. Is there any other solution?.. Thx...
  6. I found Etcher,.. and run it but the sdcard is locked.. itsnt instaling nor formmating.. Thx again...
  7. Thank you.. where can i find this fix (Etcher)?.. please send me the link.. ok!?..
  8. Hi again... Im posting this issue to get some reply about a original sdcard i've used to install armbian to an orange pi device,.. as told before i flashed armbian on it an it just worked fine.. but i need to erase/format now and in any partition type it'snt working.. i've tried this o a windows machine and on a linux machine.. thats it. i couldnt format this 8gb sdcard in any partition type.. (on a windows machine i've got a warning concerning its protected, but on a linux machine no warnings just doesnt work).. Can someone tell me how to format this sdcard?.. (there is armbiaN for orangepi win plus on it).. Thx a lot..
  9. Hi again... appending the issue.. I would like to know if there is another way to store the whole armbian system in 2m Spi... or another extension, procedure or img.. or even another Linux distro to work on OPI win plus.. Thx a lot!!..
  10. Hi... im trying to find some post thtat explains if i can get armbian installed on 2m SPI and what is the effect that it causes.. my device is Orange pi win plus... Thx a lot..
  11. Hi.. im in the same trouble .. i've got an OPI win plus and tried same exact thing.. to flash armbian on emmc.. and again the same thing.. i couldnt flash it!..(the same nag screen as Youne).. so i tried ur procedure (dpkg -i linux-u-boot-next-orangepiwin_5.89_arm64.deb) but it didnt resolve the problem.. cant u answer me something on it!?.. Thkz..
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