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  1. Can u upload generatore headers files, pls?
  2. Yes the module is ready. But as soon as the usb is ready it freezes. There are many problems in rtl8821c_read_efuse function. Im just detecting the problem, maybe there is a problem with country code.
  3. I have same problems during the installation with armbian-config. Anyway I have downloaded the kernel source, Renegade option in compile.sh, and Im using insmod and the 8821cu.ko is loaded. But the kernel freeze with nulla pointer in rtw_os_ndev_register. May Be there Is a bug in halmac routines. Iam already using the driver on x86 Ubuntu 1604 and It works well. Im using old version 4.4.154 on rk3228
  4. Hello everybody, I'd like build the module for my usb dongle with rtl8821cu. Im using the 4.4.154 version on rk3328 tvboxes. I need the kernel sources. Is the a repo on github for this build? Thanks and excuse me for my English
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