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  1. Orange Pi has a form to fill out to submit your projects. Has anyone submitted any? Where are lists of them located?
  2. Narly9999


  3. Hope you like the photo and idea of modifying for a fan. It's gruesome but effective. There are several Pi-FAN for sale but for some reason none of them, i found, have the CFM the ones from the acrylic case I bought from DIYzone store on ALIExpress. Been meaning to ask them if they sell just the fans he obtains. Other PI-FAN(Manufacture label), I have bought, are inferior and the CFM is less then the breath of a Kitten in a full slumber and about as quiet. 8-/ Maybe they just need to break in? These acrylic cases need to be hot to the touch before assembly. Very stiff acrylic. They have powerful loud fans though!