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  1. May as well drop this link here. 8-/
  2. Wondering if anyone has an operating mPCIE Kingston SSD working like this one. This one isn't being recognised.
  3. Thanks Igor; Your broad intelligence prowess is legendary! ;-) Namaste Great one. 🙏
  4. Werner, Okay, Thanks. I guess you are saying this file isn't part of any regualar SDK and it's provided by Xulong. I guess it's not a Linux file then. But it's referenced in so many other OS's.. I think ARMBIAN has left this file out of the OS. It surely seems clear that this is an ARMBIAN problem. I'm not going to list all of them. It seems it's a unzip file. I guess ARMBIAN doesn't include these in their database.
  5. Looking to find out why the Orange Pi OS Build isn't finding this file. Tried on two separate Linux 18.04 OS and neither has this file. When running, right after entering the initial password, it drops out and claims the file lib32z1-dev not locate able. The only thing I can think is I need to install the SDK to build the OrangePi OS for this? Trying to do this from the Orange Pi Git Hub. Thanks for any help.
  6. Orange Pi has a form to fill out to submit your projects. Has anyone submitted any? Where are lists of them located?
  7. Narly9999


  8. Hope you like the photo and idea of modifying for a fan. It's gruesome but effective. There are several Pi-FAN for sale but for some reason none of them, i found, have the CFM the ones from the acrylic case I bought from DIYzone store on ALIExpress. Been meaning to ask them if they sell just the fans he obtains. Other PI-FAN(Manufacture label), I have bought, are inferior and the CFM is less then the breath of a Kitten in a full slumber and about as quiet. 8-/ Maybe they just need to break in? These acrylic cases need to be