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  1. Hi, in Germany electrical Power ist getting more and more expensive (reaching 30ct per kWh). So I am trying to work out a Desktop Usercase Scenario (Mail, Office, Browsing, Video Streaming, Audio Streaming) on a SBC System. My experience is growing in Using a Manjaro XFCE on the Pi 4B (4GB), Booting from SSD. It works very well, nearly like the former used Deskmini A300 with Athlon 200GE. And I also tried out the Jetson Nano, Ubuntu 18.04. On both Systems you can get a satifsfying Desktop Experience, but the Jetson with ist Cortex A57 Core Base is a bit slower, also while it is used from an micro SD SanDisk A1 Card. For a long time I ve been watching the SBC market, I think the RK 3399 should perform very well in this Usecase, but how mature is the support by the OS? Is it possible to stream Videos in a Browser on the Desktop (like the both above)? Thank you for answering! Regards Dirk