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  1. Sorry, I don't wanted to be rude. I just wanted report two different problems, and offer some help, if needed.
  2. Yesterday, I've downloaded the image Armbian_19.11.6_Cubieboard2_buster_current_5.4.8 i tried out, but doesn't work. I check the checksum and tried both methods to SD Card: dd and Etcher. The result was the same, after the copy the SD Card remains unformatted. By the way, the bionic image is ok. Tried too. So, open the a new topic is the correct form to inform bugs? I'm armbian fan, and i want to help. I can help, testing with my Cubieboard2.
  3. Well, i'm confused now. I've the Cubieboard2, running the Debian buster 19.11.3. Today, i saw that the 19.11.6 was released. So, what is the correct way to upgrade? Because, my system is updated with apt. But, continue with 19.11.3 and kernel 5.3. I tried update the firmware and to kernel 5.4 but doesn't work. And now, i'm getting kernel modules errors.
  4. Igor, Thanks for the response. Just, to be clear, when the new kernel become ready, it will be became available in stable repository? No need to reinstall a new version?
  5. Hello, Since the kernel 5.3, used for ARMBIAN reached EOL: http://lkml.iu.edu/hypermail/linux/kernel/1912.2/04661.html Is there any movement to a new kernel version?
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