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  1. HI ak4490 I Just do discover by myself how to install to eMMC but not do it because of being outside of my home. After flashing armbian, config everything you want, in terminal: cd /root ./install-aml.sh I found 3 cscripts in /root Sorry if it is not working, just knowing how to do it I am new to linux, i am Windows user. Cheer.
  2. any one can help me to install Armbian_19.11.4_Arm-64_bionic_current_5.4.1_20191228.img + uboot-fix-g12. to emmc. My device is A95X F3 slim. I can run it on sdcard or usb but do not know how to install it to emmc. I do not know where to get and use install.sh script. thanks.
  3. Did you seccess to boot armbian. I can make it booted but stuck nand-sata-install. My wifi doesn't work. Enthernet is ok.
  4. Just use another card, I passed the error with the same as yours
  5. Just use a toothpick put into AC hole, a button hidden at the bottom of AV hole.
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